Walkup: “Wright is exactly what we needed – When the ‘storm’ came, we stayed the course”


On the show “Jambol” of ERT3 was hosted by Thomas Walkup.

The American guard with a Greek passport commented on his progress so far Olympiakou and the team’s reaction to the many problems that arose, while addressing his addition Moses Wright but also in his possible final Final-8 of the Cup by Panathinaikos ACTOR.

In detail what he said:

For Olympiakos’ progress so far: “We know the competition and where we want to be. We started the season and there were some issues, some injuries but we are on the right track, we are good, we look ahead, we know what we have in front of us, we know our obligations and we will be ready for them. Judging the progress of the season in the middle of it is not something that should be done, but now we feel very good, we will be the ones we need to be and we will be ready for the Cup again.”

For the many injuries and ups and downs: “Yes it’s true. You can’t look for excuses. You can’t do anything but work, you have to do your job right without thinking if the conditions are good, if you’re healthy, if you’re injured, it doesn’t matter. Because defeats are defeats. I think we did a pretty good job when the storm came and we stayed on course.”

On whether he feels himself again: “Yes, I feel comfortable again, because there were many issues, but mainly there was support from the coach and my teammates. Because through ups and downs when you have this support it helps you find your rhythm. It helps you find confidence in your game. The work never stopped no matter if I play well or bad, you never stop working and that’s how you get back to normal.”

For Moses Wright’s addition: “It has already helped although it usually takes time. He’s been fantastic so far, I love the way he’s working, he’s every day ready to train, ready to play, so yeah, he’s helping us, from the first game he came in, he’s played great and helped the team’s system work, he’s done a tremendous job .

You never know what someone coming in with little EuroLeague experience can do, but he came in fearlessly and that’s the best way to describe him. It is what we needed in this period of time. Not only the skills he has in the game but also his lack of fear, that’s great.”

For the matches with Panathinaikos: “Every game is completely different. Because it’s a derby. There is extra motivation and then there is the Cup final. So we have work to do, first on Friday and Saturday and when a derby as serious as this comes you don’t have time to look back, see what happened in the last one and if we lost the last one, that’s in the past.”

Source: Sport Fm

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