TNT Sports apologizes for ‘whitewashing’ player Endrick in internet video


TNT Sports apologized and deleted a post in which it was accused of racism against Palmeiras player Endrick.

In the video, the network asked a designer to make Endrick’s “perfect face”, using a filter. The montage, however, left the athlete with refined and European features.

On the internet, the video generated outrage. “What would be a perfect face? What has white features and features? Because that’s what they did,” commented an X user (Twitter).

“The sharp black features, the lighter skin. This is the ‘perfect face’ for Endrick according to TNT Sports. This has a name: eugenics”, wrote another internet user.

After the negative repercussion, TNT Sports deleted the post and apologized.

“TNT Sports recognizes that the publication shared on its social networks, with editing of the athlete Endrick’s face, was unfortunate and regrettable. TNT Sports was wrong to not consider the racial aspects involved in the editing and, for this reason, the publication was promptly deleted. Warner Bros. Discovery seeks to reflect audiences around the world through content that inspires, informs and entertains. We are committed to our efforts to promote diversity, equity and inclusion”, says text published on the broadcaster’s profile.

Even after the broadcaster’s apology, internet users continued to question the dubious post: “It’s great to know that TNT has spoken out, but what I want to know is: how many black people work there? If it had, most likely the face edition would be published of the athlete Endrick, very racist, it would not have been done”, said another user on the network.

Source: Folha

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