Antetokounmpo: “As long as I’m healthy, I’ll be in the national team-Ponesa, which I missed last year”


The promise that as long as he is in good health he will be in her ranks National team having a big goal to win something with her gave o John Antetokounmpo speaking to COSMOTE TV. The Greek Freak mentioned that he was hurt more than anyone by his absence from the World Cup, while he spoke in the best words about Vasilis Spanoulis.

In detail, the 29-year-old ace spoke about:

-how much has changed since 2021: “Then I had one child, now I have two more. I have grown, I have matured. As a player I don’t know if I have become better, the course will show. I put on earrings. At 12 I had my first hole, my father saw it and he says to me ‘what is this?’ Is this how you’re going to play basketball?’ When I came to the NBA, at 18, when I was alone for six months without my father, I opened the hole again.”

-whether he will get a tattoo: “I don’t know, but if I do it will be something that will mean something to me. Like my father’s name or my children’s birth dates. Something like that”.

-Prime’s Marvelous Journey: “I’m not a media kid, but they gave us the platform to talk about what we went through as a family, how hard it was, the sacrifices they made, the racism we may or may not have experienced.”

-the absence from the national team in the summer and why he didn’t make any appearances: “Anyone who knows me understands that I was in more pain than anyone because I couldn’t be in the National team. Why didn’t I go to the stadium? I can’t go and leave the stadium feeling bad, crying. I wasn’t in Greece with Mr. Nikos, I couldn’t go. I would be the first to go if I was in Athens. I hope he comes when my jersey is retired. That ‘he didn’t come to say hello’, I don’t understand. Shall I say ‘hello’ about the cameras? I’m not that guy and I never will be. Children came to my house, it went around, I never said it.”

-whether he was influenced by what Itoudis said about the presence of the Bucks in the National Team: “I didn’t follow what coach Itoudis said. When I’m not playing basketball, I try to be with my family, because I don’t have time as a person.”

-whether he will be in the Pre-Olympic Tournament: “I’ve said too many times, I think about today, I can’t think 4-5 months ahead. As long as I’m healthy, I’ll be there. Last year I wasn’t healthy and I didn’t come out to say anything, don’t feel bad for me either. Anyone who thinks that it hurt more than me that I couldn’t be there to help my teammates, my brother, to feel again the feeling that we went out and cried after the match against Germany, the world loved the national team again, doesn’t know me at all.” .

– Spanoulis: “He had told me something and six months later I won the championship. The fact that a personality like Spanoulis comes to the National team is important. Certainly coach Itoudis is an excellent coach, we had an excellent partnership and I wish I was at the World Cup with him, but now comes coach Spanoulis, who has a great personality, has won with the National team and we all respect him. There is no child in the National Team who did not have him as an idol, as a model athlete. I wish we could take the above step. I see that the guys are trying, I see what Toliopoulos is doing, I see the next guys who will come to help the team and me. I really want to win with the national team.”

– the course of the Bucks: “It’s difficult, we’ve changed a lot of coaches in the last few months. That my best friend, Holliday, who lived two minutes from my house, is gone, it’s hard. But Lillard is now my teammate and we will win a championship with him. The NBA is a business.”

– the criticism that Thanasis receives and whether it would be better to leave the Bucks: “That’s a question for him. It helps me a lot, not only in basketball. He is terrible. There was Diamantidis a few years ago, who didn’t care who scored. Thanasis is the one who binds a team together, he doesn’t care about statistics. They said he was a plug and he was the only one in the National League, while they said the same about Kostas and now you see what he is doing in the Euroleague”.

Source: Sport Fm

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