A civil war in the blue team was caused, as we saw in tonight’s episode of Survivor on Sky, by the nomination of Stamatis Taladianos to leave.

As more and more Fighters players turn against James Cafetzis, Stamatis called him cunning as he revealed that he came with an organized plan, having even found a relative player before entering the game.

“I was out with an injury and I was going for MVP and as soon as I turned the knives went out like that. I can understand what has happened. James coming into the game also brought some news. He is very intelligent and looks not at the game being played today but at the one that will be played three days from now. Coming here he has read the players very well, he has seen who hangs out with whom, what empathies and sympathies there are. Was it a coincidence that he was hanging out with Fanis? Fanis is the best competitive player in our team and James went to Fanis, hung out with him, got his favor…” he said initially.

“He had noticed two people from the group not being close to the others, Dora and Aira. Before entering the game she looked to find Dora’s husband, send him a message and say, “do you want me to tell Dora something from you? James the Cafeteria. Not that James the Cafeteria knew that Dora has an audience outside that loves her. She is alone like this and I take her with me and I have one more vote. And because Dora is also a fanatic Survivor player and licks them all from top to bottom she says here we are. And because man is very clever, he got there with his cunning,” he said at the end.