Tuchel: ‘I’m not the only problem at Bayern – I can be a bit careless now’


THE Bayern Munich announced that in the summer she will end her collaboration with Thomas Tuchelafter the recent very negative results in Germany and Europe.

He himself German technician, however, he didn’t sit cross-eyed for years, since in his statements he emphasized that he is not the only one problem in the group, but also that he no longer needs to think long term his decisions.

In detail what he said:

“It doesn’t matter if I understand the club’s decision or if I’m happy with it. The only thing that matters now is clarity. Clarity brings freedom and is good for racing and training. Freedom for the coach on how to work.

You no longer have to think long term about your options. You can be a little careless. I never felt like the coaching staff was limiting the team. But we have an inconsistency in training with matches and for that the coach is responsible.

I don’t think I’m the only problem, but I accept my responsibility. I am not satisfied with the way we are playing and have been for some time. Now we have a new treaty, but I still think I’m not the only problem.”

Source: Sport Fm

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