A fake recorded appeal of hers appeared on social media Ludmila Navalnayamother of the stunned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who died on February 16 in the “Polar Wolf” prison colony, writes the Russian website Meduza today.

The recorded appeal begins with the phrase “Dear Yulia Borisovna Ambrosimova, now I want to address you, and it ends with the words: “I despise you and forbid you to speak on behalf of my son, my child”.

According to the said website, this recorded appeal was found by the manager of the news verification website “Provereno” Ilia Ber.

Burr believes, writes the Jellyfish, that the recording was created with the help of a neural network. “At the same time, the voice is very similar to Ludmila Navalny’s voice heard from a distance, as there was nothing for this neural network to learn,” Burr points out. In his opinion, the fake recording was created based on a video in which Navalnaya demands that Russian President Vladimir Putin give her the body of her dead son.

The first posts with this fake recording appeared on the morning of February 22nd. As Ber writes, at 8:29 a.m. Moscow time, he posted the recorded appeal the Signal channel on Telegram, which has an audience of 500,000 people, which claimed that “an appeal by Alexei Navalny’s mother to his wife appeared in the media. The fake recorded appeal on the said channel was seen by more than 165 thousand followers.

Ilya Ber claims that this Telegram channel belongs to “her propaganda network Kristina Potulcikwhich is financed by the company Dialog” with money coming from state funds through the Russian presidency”.

Following the fake recorded appeal, they began rebroadcasting channels and websites advocating the Russian invasion of Ukraine as well as some Russian websites.

Navalny’s mother Ludmila and his wife Yulia Navalnaya have so far not commented on the fake recorded appeal.