Rubinho Barrichello’s dog dies after eating eleven cigarette butts


Former driver Rubens Barrichello, 51, lamented on social media the tragic death of his dog Speedy. The pet fell ill and died after ingesting cigarette and marijuana butts thrown on the floor of the condominium where Barrichello’s ex-wife and children live.

The dog, a cavalier breed, was eight years old. “In the building where he lived, which was Silvana’s building, he walked around a lot and, being super polite, waited until it was time to go downstairs to do his business. But we started to see that he was feeling unwell and that he always wanted to go to the same place. Dudu [filho] He went to that place and saw that there were a lot of cigarette butts and also another more powerful cigarette”, reported Rubinho.

“Speedy’s stomach was torn apart, he developed a disease in which he no longer generated protein for his body. Eleven butts were removed from inside him”, he reported. “He couldn’t eat anymore, he had a lot of bloody diarrhea and then it went downhill.”

The pilot also warned dog owners to be careful and appealed to smokers to dispose of their butts in a suitable place.

“We throw trash in the trash. We take the dog’s poop and throw it in the bag, so it would be polite for people who have these habits [fumar] that they could have that attitude too”, he asked. “Speedy is greatly missed.”

Speedy, the dog, died after eating cigarette butts – @rubarrichello on Instagram

Source: Folha

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