“The Arabs give 75 million euros to host three Euroleague Final Fours in Abu Dhabi!”


Another indication that they really want to invest in Euroleague by the Arabs, as revealed by the website “www.encestando.es”.

According to a related publication, on Monday (26/2) the 13 shareholders of ECA received another great deal from United Arab Emirates. In particular, the Arabs proposed the organization of three Final Fours on their territory and are even ready to host the first one 2025!

The stadium intended to host the Final Four is the “Etihad Arena” in Abu Dhabiwhich was built in 2020 and is of capacity 18,000 spectators.

From here on, for these three Final 4 the Arabs are willing to give a total of the “astronomical” amount of 75 million euros in the Euroleague. It is about for more money of what the sponsorship of Turkish Airlines has brought to the organization in the last decade!

Finally, as everything shows the team from Dubai is expected to sign a seven-year contract with the Euroleague, but for the first two years, starting with the new season, it will participate in the Eurocup.

Source: Sport Fm

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