Sivek: “We dominated against Euroleague players, but we don’t have the quality”


Arik Sivek emphasized that the Netherlands dominated against a team with Euroleague players, but the quality of Greece and the lack of concentration brought the defeat, since these are not allowed at such a level, he believes that they made the right decision on the floor and played a good defense, while he gave motto for the November matches.

Analytically: “I think we dominated the whole game. Do you know we were playing against nine Euroleague players, having players competing in the FIBA ​​EuropeCup and one in the EuroCup? No doubt, the quality of the Greek team is much higher. Let’s be honest. To close this gap you have to do some things. Be focused for 40′. Unfortunately, we didn’t do that, we lost our concentration a bit and it cost us.

However, I am happy because for the most part we made the right decisions. We played good defense, which even for these Euroleague players led them to make a lot of mistakes. I’m never happy when we lose, I don’t like to go home being congratulated after defeats. The narrow margin of defeat in Great Britain keeps us alive for qualification and we look forward to the next ‘window’.

Source: Sport Fm

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