The upgrade of Western military aid to Ukraine was announced by French President Emmanuel Macron during a press conference he gave after the work of the international conference to support Ukraine, which was held yesterday Monday in Paris.

A group of states intends to deliver medium- and long-range missiles to Kiev, the French president said, while several European countries said they supported the Czech Republic’s proposal to jointly buy munitions outside Europe on behalf of Ukraine.

“We will do everything necessary so that Russia does not manage to win this war,” Emmanuel Macron insisted, stressing that “Russia’s defeat is essential for security and stability in Europe.”

President Macron also stated that there are five areas in which all the countries that took part in the conference agree that initiatives should be taken.

This is about cyber security, the co-production of weapons systems, the strengthening of Ukraine’s defense capabilities – especially on its border with Belarus -, the defense of countries directly threatened by the Russian attack on Ukraine, such as Moldova, and finally , the provision of assistance to Kiev in the removal of minefields.

“We must move with greater determination towards a war economy,” the French president said, pointing out that there is scope for increasing the European production of weapons systems.

President Macron also stated that “Russia has adopted threatening attitudes not only towards Ukraine, but towards all of us”, while regarding the issue of the deployment of Western military forces on Ukrainian territory, he stated that at this stage there is no consensus for such a thing, but nothing can be ruled out in the future.

The French president also said measures would be taken against countries and companies that violate sanctions against Russia.

President Macron decided that the Ukrainian crisis could be an opportunity for the defense emancipation of Europe and announced that it was decided to convene an international conference on the Ukrainian issue at the level of defense ministers.