Celta fans dream of Carvalhal’s return to avoid relegation!


He has found himself in an extremely difficult position during this season Want towhich is fighting hard to avoid relegation to the second division of the Spanish league.

Specifically, the Vigo club is in 17th place in La Liga with 21 points, just +3 from the danger zone and the relegation places. The team’s bad run has brought him Rafa Benitez in a precarious position, with… dark clouds gathering over the Spanish coach.

According to Spanish publications broadcast by the Portuguese “O Jogo”, in the ranks of Telta fans there is a lot of grumbling about Benitez, with fans calling for his removal from the coaching staff, even proposing his replacement!

This is none other than him Carlos Carvalhalwith the club’s fans… dreaming of the Portuguese coach’s return to avoid relegation!

Let’s remember that the 58-year-old coach left his bench Olympiakou on February 8 after only 11 games on the “red and white” bench. In the 2022/23 season, he had served as coach at Telta.

Source: Sport Fm

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