They put Alba in the baskets and Maccabi hopes for ten


With a “walk” throughout the match, Maccabi Tel Aviv swept the trailing Alba in Berlin 106-71 for the 27th game of the Euroleague and, with a 14-13 record, remained in the play-in zone, still hoping for the first six and the direct qualification to the playoffs of the competition, leaving the “albatross” at 5-22.

Oded Katas players dominated from the first quarter and “closed” the first half at +19, gradually reaching +30 and +35.

Leading the “people’s team” were Webb with 17, Baldwin with 16, Niebo with 15 and Colson with 14 points. For the Germans, Tiemann was rescued with 14 and Brown with 11 points.

The match

Alba maintained a +3 at the start of the match with many options in the Israeli racket, but an 11-0 run by the Israelis with regional stars and first “violin” Baldwin, brought +8 for the “people’s team”. Colson took the “baton” in scoring, maintaining +8 and bringing +11 for Oded Katas’ team, which with a 4-0 run made it 15-27 at the end of the first period.

With Cleveland as the star, Maccabi went on a 7-0 run at the start of the second period to take a 15-34 lead. With a new 8-0 streak and Brown “bombing” from everywhere, Maccabi reached 18-42 and was laying the foundations for the double. Cohen took action and maintained +22 to +24 for the champion Israel, who found new solutions and reached +26. Tiemann was trying alone for the “albatross” offensively and helped for the 8-0 run of the Germans, which brought -18. Delow cut to -17 and Webb ended the half at 38-57.

Nimbo and Baldwin with a 7-0 run at the start of the third period brought +24 for Maccabi in Alba’s counterattack. Baldwin spearheaded the Israelis’ 10-0 run and 44-78. Sterling Brown with a personal 4-0 streak reduced to -30 and -28, responding to the many offensive options of Katas, who, with Blatt as the protagonist in the last attacks, reached 56-87 at the completion of thirty minutes.

Maccabi maintained +31 to +34 at the start of the fourth period with its Americans. With a 9-0 run and Nimbo as the leader, Maccabi reached 63-102. At 4-0, Alba dropped to 67-102 and the difference ranged between +31 and +35 with many protagonists on the floor on either side for the final 71-106.

Source: Sport Fm

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