BBB 24: Rodriguinho reacts to the public outside the house: ‘I got scared’


Ana Cora Lima

Eliminated from BBB 24 last Tuesday (27), Rodriguinho is in the phase of watching everything that happened in the house and forming new opinions about the brothers. In conversation with the F5 this Thursday (29), he said he was scared by everything he has been experiencing.

“I was scared. Even though there are things I’ve already been through,” said the singer. He explained that BBB’s fame is different from previous recognition: “The projection that things become out here are much bigger than we think.

Canceled after offensive comments about Yasmin Brunet’s body, he says he has never experienced anything like it: “I’ve been through this a few times in my life, in my career, and now I’m living something much bigger than I’ve ever been through “.

But, for him, the BBB is not just a disadvantage. Rodriguinho also said he was having fun with the reception from the sympathetic public: “Everything has pros and cons, but I’m taking it all in stride. I’m really enjoying everything.” “I’m reflecting a lot. There are some lessons that BBB gave me”, he added.

The singer also declared his support for Giovanna Pitel, his ally within the house and also Fernanda’s partner, who he considers to be a great player.

Source: Folha

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