Ares: “Supreme obligation to protect our team”


Announcement-call to his world Mars for worldly behavior issued by the “yellows” for the match (3/3, 19:30) with AEK.

It is the highest obligation of all of us to protect our team and our field“, point out the “yellows”, but also: “Above all, Mars».

The announcement

The regular season of the “Stoiximan Super League” championship ends tomorrow, Sunday, with the derby against A.E.K. (19:30).

PAE ARIS informs the fans that the doors of Kleanthis Vikelidis will open at 17:30 and invites them to ensure their timely arrival in order to avoid overcrowding and last minute inconvenience.

PAE ARIS also reminds the fans that under the new sports law, it is the highest obligation of all of us to protect our team and our stadium. Crucial matches are coming up and the team needs you by their side in every match.

The use and throwing of firecrackers, flares, torches, flares, as well as banners with political or religious messages, is prohibited.

At the entrance to the stadium there will be a strict control and no sports fan will be able to approach and enter the stadium without a registered ticket.

We emphasize that the new sports law provides for severe penalties that are immediately applicable.

PAE ARIS is confident that once again the world of ARIS will deliver lessons in fan behavior, helping our team to reach its goal and bearing in mind that crucial games follow.


Source: Sport Fm

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