Terrible Verstappen, picked up where he left off and triumphed at the Bahrain GP!


Spaceman Max Verstappendominated the Bahrain GP!

The Dutch World Champion picked up where he left off last season, dominating the first race of the season. Terrible Red Bull RB20 that did the 1-2 with Sergio Perezwhile excellent was Carlos Sainz who climbed the podium, taking third place.

Verstappen he had no competition in the race, imposing his superiority from the green lights to the checkered flag of this year’s opening GP. Thus, the Dutchman “sent” the message that he is the absolute favorite to win the fourth consecutive world championship.

On the other hand, Mr Sergio Perez easily reached Red Bull’s 1-2 with the new RB20, with Carlos Sainz to impress, defeating him Charles Leclerc in the battle for the podium and third place, with Scuderia Ferrari confirming predictions that it will be competitive this year.

At the same time, Mr George Russell was unable to challenge for a podium place due to a problem with the Mercedes W15’s power unit, with the Briton staying ahead of Lando Norris until the end, Lewis HamiltonOscar Piastri, Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll, who rounded out the top ten.

The Saudi Arabian GP will be the next match on 3 days March 7-9, which will be held again on Saturday.

The results of the first match:

Source: Sport Fm

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