Ancelotti: “It was unprecedented, it’s never happened to me – We’re still hot and angry”


Valencia and Real Madrid stayed at 2-2 in “Mestaja”, in an eventful match where the “queen” found themselves two goals behind, while the finale came a… breath away from the upset, with the referee ending the match seconds before Bellingham scored to make it 3-2.

After the end of the match, the “Merenche” coach, Carlo Ancelotti, spoke at the press conference, being visibly irritated and disappointed with the turn the match took, stressing that:

“It’s something unprecedented because after the rebound we had possession of the ball and the match had to be stopped if Valencia had possession. There’s nothing more to add, it’s never happened to me.” originally mentioned to add for the dismissal of Bellingham because of his protest to the referee after the goal was disallowed:

“Bellingham called it ‘damn goal, the ball was in the air’, but it wasn’t an insult to the referee, he didn’t swear at him. It was something unprecedented, which has never happened to me. If he whistles when the Valencia keeper clears the ball, fine, but he let it go on and we had possession. I think it was a mistake. We are hot and furious, we have to get back to normal for Wednesday’s game. We did things that we need to improve…”

Source: Sport Fm

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