Donald Trump prevailed in the internal Republican votes on Saturday in two more US states – in Missouri and Michigan -, according to media reports, moving even closer to securing the anointing of his faction to be its candidate in the November presidential elections in USA.

In Missouri, the billionaire crushed his only rival in the race, Nikki Haley, winning all of the state’s popular vote, the New York Times reported. While in Michigan, Mr. Trump secured (with 98%) all 39 remaining delegates to the convention up for grabs in the state in a vote of about 2,000 party members, according to CNN. Earlier this week, the former president had already secured 16 more delegates in that state.

In these hybrid intra-party votes there were speculations due to disagreements and confusion that Mrs. Haley could benefit, but these did not materialize.

Republicans were also voting yesterday in Idaho, a third state, where the outcome is not yet known.

So far, the former president has swept every caucus that has been held (Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Virgin Islands, South Carolina, now Michigan and Missouri). Yesterday’s victories were recorded three days before the so-called “Super Tuesday”, the day after tomorrow, March 5, a crucial date in which votes are held simultaneously in 15 states and a US territory.

Virtually all political analysts are predicting that the November presidential election will see a rematch between Democratic President Joe Biden and Trump’s Republican predecessor.