Nikologiannis: “Panathinaikos destroyed in 4 matches what they had been building for a year – Tragic defense, double refereeing pistol yesterday”


For something more than suicide of Panathinaikou spoke to his “air”. News Bulletin 247 Tassos Nikologiannis, due to the recent loss of points, which make winning the title very hardnow.

In the same project we were spectators yesterday, Panathinaikos is tearing down with great consistency in the last 4 matches, that it was building for a year. He managed, from where he was first and had laid out the program, to come fourth. Having laid I mean that he had at home Lamia, Kifissia and Aris, who was the only one to win, and the indifferent OFI in Heraklion. There are no words to describe it, it is more than suicide, he has lost points in different ways. There is of course a public, his tragic defensive function and incredible mistakes, no one has understood what Akaidin is doing yesterday in the first goal. He is also responsible for the goals in the previous matches against Atromitos and Lamia. He came in sluggishly, as if he was playing at the Camp Nou, not at the Gendy Koule, but it’s no accident. Then it seemed that he would get him missed a sack of opportunities. Overall, it is a troubling picture, Panathinaikos concedes goals very easily. -4 is very difficult to cover, last year he entered with +2 and lost the championship one matchday before the end. The difference was very difficult to cover even though he didn’t have the best playoffs. Especially this year“, he noted among other things.

At the same time, the reporter of the station talked about double dietary pistol against the “clover”as there is a replay that shows that Larsson makes a majestic dive, while he also commemorated the phase at the end, with the OFI defender’s… cuff and the pulling of Ioannidis’ shirt, regardless of whether he does not fall.

Nikologiannis pointed out that Greek referees are too influenced by the mediawith Vergetis being the last example, but also how this story should end immediately in view of the playoffs.

While he noted that Terim’s two-day rest for the “greens” was given before the match with OFI, but he considers unthinkable for this to happenhaving in front of a “final” next Sunday and therefore a week for full preparation.

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Source: Sport Fm

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