Dislocatedfollowing methodical and systematic investigation of the Drug Prosecution Department of the Trikala Security Sub-Directorate, criminal organization, whose members were active in transporting, importing and dealing narcotics in a detention center.

In the context of an organized police operation that started the night before yesterday (2-03-2024) and continued yesterday (3-03-2024), by police officers of the aforementioned Service, in cooperation with OPKE police officers. of Trikala and the Narcotics Prosecution Sub-Directorate of the Attica Security Directorate, a total of -7- people were arrested, 4 men and 3 women, including the 2 men who are incarcerated and one of them had the leading role.

A case file was filed against them – as the case may be – for criminal organization, violations of drug legislation, violation of weapons legislation, as well as for moral turpitude in the introduction of a mobile phone into a detention center.

In the same case file, as defendants – as the case may be – for violations of the drug legislation, 7 more people are included, of which 4 have been identified and who were not arrested because the conditions for self-incrimination were not met.

How did they act?

Regarding the activity of the criminal organization, its members, at least since mid-December 2023, have formed and joined a criminal organization, having a hierarchical structure and continuous activity, active in the commission of violations – of a criminal nature – of drug legislation.

In more detail:

  • the one incarcerated, having the leading role, saw to it that the organization procured narcotic substances (heroin) and that they were hidden in sacks,
  • then, the bags were delivered by the two members to the other three arrested members, who, as the case may be, arranged and transported the narcotics to the detention center, introducing the bags to visits they had with another inmate,
  • subsequently, the latter handed them over to the leading member of the organization, in order to traffic the narcotics into the detention center.

It is estimated that the financial benefit obtained by the criminal organization from its illegal activity amounts to at least -50,000- euros.

What did the investigations find?

In searches carried out in the cells of the inmates, a total of the following were found and confiscated:

  • -8- nylon packages with amounts of heroin, in powder form, total weight -33.6- grams,
  • -1- nylon package with cocaine, in powder form, weighing -1.6- grams,
  • -5- bags,
  • -5- improvised knives,
  • -5- plastic pen caps, which were used to weigh narcotics,
  • -1- mobile phone &
  • -1- charging cable.

In addition, in the possession of the other -5- arrested and in lawful searches carried out in their homes in the wider area of ​​Attica, a total of were found and confiscated:

  • -1- nylon package with raw dried hemp, weighing -34.6- grams,
  • -2- improvised cigarettes of mixture of hemp and tobacco,
  • -1,370- euros,
  • -2- scales &
  • -5- mobile phones.

Those arrested are brought to court, while the preliminary investigation is carried out by the Trikala Security Sub-Directorate.