AEK: “We too have complaints, but we don’t get into the carousel of toxicity – The elite referees want respect”


Call to stop the toxicity on the occasion of the arbitration did AEK.

At the meeting of its Professional Football Committee EPO and through the mouth of the managing director, Giorgos Kosmasthe “Union” characterized as necessary let the tones fall.

So invoking him institutional way she manages hers complaints (like the foul that led to equalization of Mars), he emphasized that it is a shame that they enter three-legged friends in the most competitive league of 25 of the last years.

In his initial statement, Kosmas referred to the importance of engraving common lineso that it stays public the nature of the VAR contract:

“Precisely because the league, as we found with the last government decision, concerns society and the government at the level of public order, it must remain reliable as it is now. More reliable than ever.

That’s why I talk about the coordination of all of us and we have to admit that. Regardless of the communication that one or the other group is trying to make. It must remain reliable to the extent it is today and improve it. If possible with goal line technology and semi-automatic offside, if possible with automatic offside.

All of this costs, however, the additions to the existing contract. It is difficult for teams, especially smaller ones to contribute to this. We need to coordinate and come up with a common strategy so that this contract remains public. This is a one-way street, for better or for worse this is the reality”he said among other things.

On the occasion of the issues they raised other PAEs within the meeting, but also public placementsthe representative of AEK stated:

“Regarding the release of the VAR dialogues, it was the only good thing that Mr. Marinakis’ employee, Mr. Clattenberg, did, but of course he took it back. There is nothing else positive that he did even in the short term. And AEK wants the VAR dialogues to be made public, as I believe every team wants it. This will also help the public understand how decisions are made.

I also call on the EPO to contribute in this direction. The credibility of the league is also a matter of VAR. VAR has a direct relationship with the credibility of the league. We have criticism in Greece as well as internationally. And in England and Spain and Italy there is criticism. However, this is one thing, and the unrestrained diffusion of toxicity is another, leveling is another.

We have a credible league, which perhaps has never existed to this extent in the last 25 years. We had it last year, we have it again this year. And we must all move in the same direction to continue to enjoy, such a competitive league, without filling people’s minds with toxicity.

We have complaints too. We manage them as much as we can internally, that is, we try not to participate in the merry-go-round of toxicity. And in yesterday’s match against Aris, we had complaints, we protested on the spot, as much as possible, as institutionally as we can. In the last matches we have conceded goals in the exhalation from reverse fouls. Same as yesterday. From a non-existent foul. We didn’t make a public statement, we didn’t make a fuss.

We all need to understand that it does no one any good to continue this thing. We make trouble for ourselves. We also have complaints, but we have to manage them as institutionally as possible.”

As for the matter of referees in the playoffsthere was also positioning by AEKwith Kosmas stating:

“Obviously we also wish to have the best possible referees in the play offs as well. If it is possible to have elites, even better. But in order to have elite referees, we must have the same attitude. Behavior that not all of us displayed, to use the first plural and not have confrontations.

Let’s respect the elite referees who may come and not force them to decide not to come to games in Greece because they fear for their physical integrity”.

Source: Sport Fm

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