Nikologiannis: “Possibly new adjustment with Ioannidis – Reward for Lodingin”


For Fotis Ioannidis and the new publication about her interest Stuttgartbut also about Yuri Lodighi’s return to the Russian National Team, spoke about Tasos Nikologiannis on bwinSPORT FM.

Also, the experienced reporter referred to what Yannis Alafouzos said in his testimony to the EEA.

For the new reports about Stuttgart’s interest in Ioannidis: “The reports about Ioannidis have been around for a long time. The amount of 15 million euros is ridiculous. Panathinaikos is not even discussing it. Panathinaikos will only discuss an unrealistic proposal. It is the desire of the administration of Yannis Alafouzou that Ioannidis remain at Panathinaikos for many years. There will probably be a new contract adjustment. At some point the player will surely have in mind to go abroad. Panathinaikos believed in him from the beginning and in the team they want to build on him, just like on other Greeks. At the moment it does not appear from anywhere that Ioannidis now wants to go abroad. There will be proposals, but I say again that only with an unrealistic amount will Panathinaikos discuss something.”

For the workouts: “Training will continue until Thursday and then the players will have four days off. After the break Jedwai will be ok, as will Schenkefeld. Huancar entered training.”

On Lodingin’s return to the Russian National Team: “We had said since yesterday that we were waiting for Lodingin to be called up to the Russian national team. Lodingin is rewarded. There has been a terrible goalkeeper management at Panathinaikos. They make them feel important and needed. This is also the reason why he renewed his contract with the team. These appearances helped him return to the Russian National Team, which is very important to him. »

On the non-calls of Djuricic and Mladenovic: “The coach of Serbia wants to test other players, but the most likely at least for Mladenovic is that he will be at the EURO.”

Listen to the audio excerpt:

Source: Sport Fm

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