Almeida: “Impressed by the strong presence of AEK fans in Cyprus”

Almeida: “Impressed by the strong presence of AEK fans in Cyprus”

Cyprus evokes pleasant memories for Matias Almeidas, as he mentioned in the match program of the friendly Apollo Limassol-AEK. The Argentinian coach expressed his joy at the Union’s presence in Megalonis and spoke of the strong presence of the team’s friends, which he had seen in his previous visit to the country.

His statement in detail

It is our great pleasure, as members of the AEK family, to come to Cyprus for this friendly game with which we will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the historic Apollon Limassol club. It is a special year for us as well, since it is known that AEK also completes a century of life this year. So, this match has a special character for both teams.

We are always happy to be in Cyprus and I must say that I have very pleasant memories as it was one of the first trips I had made as AEK coach, for a friendly match in preparation for the season in which we finally managed to win the double.

I was very impressed by the intense presence of our fans and I expect to experience equally intense moments with them now. As with the fans of Apollon Limassol, who we will have the opportunity to meet up close at the stadium.

I know very well the history of AEK and the history of Hellenism in Cyprus, and therefore the very strong common elements that exist.

So both I and everyone in the team understand very well the special importance of our presence there, as representatives of AEK.

We look forward to seeing our fans in Cyprus up close, to honor the historic anniversary of Apollon and its fans and to experience beautiful moments in the context of Wednesday’s friendly match».

Source: Sport Fm

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