Shocking Panathinaikos, beat Barcelona from -16 with a dreamy Sluka!


Epic victory for Panathinaikos ACTOR who… looks up!

The “greens” won with a score of 89-81 Barcelona in OAKA-volcano, they equaled the difference of the first match and went up to 20-11 in the standingsoccupying the second place with three games remaining before the regular season finale!

His team Ergin Ataman had a nightmare first half and found himself trailing by 16 points (24-40)but with a leader Kostas Sloukas emphatically answered the second part with one individual 55-35 and managed to get the big win, missing the chance to go even further due to a rebound after a shot!

His leader Panathinaikou AKTOR he made one big shot after another and finished the match with 18 points, 4 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 steals (2/5 three-pointers, 4/4 two-pointers), knowing the apotheosis of the packed OAKA. Of the rest, a great performance with 22 points was made by Kendrick Nunnwhile 19 along with 10 rebounds were counted by Dino Mitoglou13 along with 7 rebounds o Matias Lessorand 9 along with 4 assists and 4 steals o Jerian Grant.

Among the losers, who are tied with the “clover” at 20-11, stood out with 13 points Jan Vesely and Willy Hernangometh.

The match

THE Barcelona took the lead with a basket by Yokubaitis in transition, while Veseli scored 0-4 from close range. Grant scored Panathinaikos AKTOR’s first points with a foul goal for 3-4, while Kalinic posted Grigonis for 3-6. Mitoglou took an offensive rebound and scored (5-6), while o Nan he hit two mid-range shots, before Vesely nailed it for 9-10. Lessor hit a hook, but Satoransky answered with a layup and Parker with a nail from an offensive rebound for 11-14. THE Have fun continued the good run of the Spaniards with a three-pointer from the top, while Kalinic again nailed for 11-19. Mitoglou cut Barcelona’s lead from mid-range (13-19), while Nan did the same for 15-19. Lessor impressively nailed the Spanish basket, but Da Silva answered him for 17-23. Nunn cut it to 20-23 with the home team’s first 3-pointer to end the first quarter.

In the second period, Grigonis quickly reduced with a floater in shooting distance (22-23), while Nan with accurate shots put the hosts in front (24-23). Barcelona responded with consecutive points from Hernangomet (24-27), while Abrines hit from 6.75m. for the 24-30. The visitors’ individual score continued with his three-pointer Laprovitola from the corner (24-37), while Hernangomet made a foul goal for 24-40, making the Catalans’ individual score 17-0. THE Mitoglou he was the one who provided solutions, scoring 5 consecutive points with a layup and 3 shots to make it 29-40. Satoranski responded for 29-44 with a foul goal, while Sloukas answered with a layup for 31-44. Vesely hit from mid-range (31-46), while Grant, with tremendous defensive energy and a surprise layup, made it 34-46 at halftime.

In the second part, Mitoglou quickly cut back with a mid-range shot, while Yokoubaitis responded with a surprise for 36-48. Nunn with a shot he likes cut the lead back to 10 (38-48), with Satoranski getting fouled to make it 38-50 but missing the shot. Grigonis roused OAKA with a three-pointer (41-50), while Slukas went to the basket and reduced it even more (44-50). Grant made another long shot (47-52), while o Lessor attacked the basket for 49-54, with Barcelona finding solutions only with Vesely. The French center made two shots to bring the home team within striking distance (51-54), before Sloukas reduce to a point with a new layup (53-54).O Grigonis gave the lead to Panathinaikos with a goal-foul (56-55), with G. Hernangometh hitting shots for 56-57. Abrines made a big shot for 58-61, o Lessor nailed it and the third period ended 60-61.

In the last quarter, the Abrines put in another long shot, before Nan with individual energy cut to 62-64. Mitoglou and Slukas hit back-to-back 3-pointers to make it 68-66, while Nan became a creator and then a long-range shooter for 73-68. THE Sloukas put in a free throw by Grimau (74-70), while Mitoglou scored from close range, before Parker cut it to 76-73 with a huge shot. Nan continued the big baskets with a layup and a terrific dunk for 81-73, while Mitoglou scored with a follow-up for 83-73. THE Satoransky temporarily reduced it with a field goal foul, but Slukas answered with a three-pointer and Lessor made an exclamation point for 89-76. Amrpines reduced, while o Laprovitola took shots in almost a dead time after a missed rebound and tied the difference of the first game, with a final score of 89-81.

The quarters: 20-23, 34-46, 60-61, 89-81

Detailed match statistics here.

Source: Sport Fm

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