Beos: “She wants to hide, but joy won’t let her – Clear evidence of a dirty background”

Beos: “She wants to hide, but joy won’t let her – Clear evidence of a dirty background”

New, equally caustic, statement from Achillea Beoregarding its definition referee of the match between Bullet and Kifissiawe had today (28/03), on the occasion of a recent publication that spoke of the determined presence of the referee Diamantopoulos.

With the strong man of the Magnesia team to speak once again about juntas that once fallto mention him Latch as… multi tool and to ask for equal treatment from whoever, in the end, is called to referee the match in question!

His post in detail:

“The uproar that fatally resulted from the leak of the name of the referee of the match Volos – Kifissia on a sports site, before it was even officially announced to the teams concerned, reminds me of the proverb “p… wants to hide, but joy does not leaves”!

The whole process and the methods that determine it are nothing more than a clear and indisputable proof of the existence of a dirty background in which extra-institutional factors are also involved who attempt to use manipulation and influence to serve their own interests and certainly not those of football.

In the event that what is stated in the publication is verified through the official announcement, it is obvious that Mandalos, as the orchestrator, and his associates in the KED must immediately be removed from their positions and the Justice and state institutions should seize the opportunity to investigate how the information was leaked, before, as usual, it was officially announced and reached the agents who are hiding behind the wretched and dirty methods that plague Greek football.

I call on whoever is eventually appointed referees or referees of this match to blow the whistle with honesty and dignity and not to emerge as negative protagonists, allowing the teams to equally claim what is due to them based on their competitive value. As I have repeatedly emphasized, all juntas have an expiration date and everyone should bear in mind that immediately, and in any case during the summer, developments will take place that will definitively remove the “multitool” Mandalos and his company and all this behind-the-scenes slur that acts against football itself.

I wish and hope that the referees who officiate the match on Saturday will do so in an even-handed manner, delivering justice on the pitch, protecting football itself.”

Source: Sport Fm

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