An impressive discovery – deep inside the Earth’s core – was made by two researchers from the Australian National University.

Scientists they discovered a huge solid, metallic sphere, like a “core within the core” of the planetwhich may have formed millions of years ago, after one “important world event”.

Seismologists Thanh-Son Phạm and Hrvoje Tkalčić they discovered a solid metallic core, never seen beforesince they studied many earthquakes and “seismic waves that reverberated across the planet” and data from large seismographsat least for the last ten years.

Both the outer shell of Earth’s inner core and this recently discovered inner sphere have temperatures high enough to melt iron-nickel alloys. However, the enormous pressure at the center of the Earth keeps these materials in a solid statesay the scientists.

The metal ball appears to have been created after a massive earthquake millions of years agowhich caused the tectonic plates to shift.

The metallic core inside the Earth’s core has approx “the size of Pluto and slightly smaller than the moon”Tkalčić told

“The study of the center of the Earth is not just a matter of academic curiosity, but something that sheds light on the very evolution of life on the surface of our planet”the pair of researchers concluded.