PAOK “woke up” at the end and destroyed Apollon Patras


With an amazing run at the start of the fourth period, PAOK swept Apollo Patras 87-63 in Pylaia in the premiere of the Stoiximan Basket League play outs and took a step for the top eight that leads to the league playoffs, leaving the “black and white” in three wins and, unexpectedly, they were sent to A2.

The match was a derby in the first three quarters, with the lead changing many times, but a 17-0 run by Tsiakma, Michalak, from 30′ to 35′ brought +18 for the “doubleheader” and essentially put an end to procedure.

The Polish guard with 17 and his Greek counterpart with 13 points were the leaders of the winners, supported by McNeese with 11 points. For the Patrinos, Blondin played alone with 24 points, supported by the Browns, Osborne with 14 points.

The match

PAOK led 5-0 at the start of the match, but the 6-0 run by Apollon Patras brought continuous changes in the lead. Vessari’s three-pointer made it 7-11 and the Americans of the “black and white” kept +2 to +4 in that period for the visitors. Brown brought the +6 with the correct actions of Patrinas in the “black and white” racket. The “two-headed” responded with a 4-0 run for 19-21, but Apollon with a 5-0 run found himself at +7. There, McNeese took matters into his own hands and with a personal 4-0 run made it 23-26 at the end of the first quarter.

Tsiakmas brought the score to 25-26 at the start of the second period, but Patrinoi maintained +2 at that time with the good percentages in two-pointers. Michalak took matters into his own hands and helped in a 6-0 run for the +3 of the “doubleheader”, who maintained +1 to +3. The players of Yannis Christopoulos with a 4-0 streak led by +1, but the Americans of PAOK with a 4-0 streak brought the score to 44-41 at the end of the half.

PAOK with a 5-0 run at the start of the third period reached +6 with many solutions for Stathis Nerantzakis. Schizas had taken the “baton” in scoring and maintained a +5 for the Thessalonians. There, the bad defense of the “two-headed” players led to a 9-0 run for the Patrinos and +4 in their favor, while the hosts were too misguided. Thus, Tsiakmas took action and with a 5-0 run brought the score to 57-56 at the end of the quarter.

Tsiakmas and Michalak went on an incredible 17-0 run at the start of the fourth period and brought it 74-56, completing the “modest ceremony” in Pylaia, having almost perfect accuracy in the shots they attempted. With a new 9-0 streak led by Towns, PAOK reached 83-59. The two teams put their substitutes on the floor and the match ended 87-63 with Fridrickson’s two-pointer.

The quarters: 23-26, 44-41, 57-56, 87-63

The statistics

Source: Sport Fm

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