Kuzminskas: “Maybe we were changing priests at the holy water – I have not spoken with AEK about the new season”


THE Mindaugas Kuzminskas drove her AEK Betsson in victory over Amarousi (88-85) having 21 points and 10 rebounds. He spoke to ERT about the misfortunes with injuries that his team faced this year.

You can talk about bad luck, but winning is a habit and sometimes when you lose it’s all your fault. You think that the referees are to blame, that the opponents are lucky, everything… Maybe we should have had a holy water, maybe we should have changed the priest. It is the most difficult season of my career. We lost a lot, we missed all the goals and our people were angry with us, which is understandable. But we still have four games and we will do our best to go to the playoffs and close the year as best as possible. We have many good players, but unfortunately sometimes we don’t show a good team“, emphasized the Lithuanian ace.

Asked if he has spoken with the management about the possibility of staying at AEK Betsson in the new season, he replied:No, there has been no discussion. During the season you don’t think about these things, it’s better to concentrate on the game because otherwise you can lose your rhythm».

Source: Sport Fm

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