BBB 24: It didn’t make sense for me to be there anymore, says Fernanda after elimination


Fernanda Bande, recently eliminated from BBB 24, participated in Café da Manhã with Ana Maria Braga this Monday (1st) and recalled important moments from her participation in the reality show.

The baker stated that being in the house no longer made sense for her life because she doesn’t like fighting. “I signed up because I had difficult times in my life and I wanted a new version of myself. I wasn’t happy in the cycle I was going through, I needed a boost and a boost”, she replied after being asked by Ana why she signed up for the attraction.

She was also criticized by the presenter, who stated that Fernanda missed some goals, including being friendly. “Yes, I did, so we don’t watch the same program,” she replied.

The model also spoke about her recent rapprochement with the Fadas group, but stated that she just felt the desire to talk to them more and get along, even after two months of a distant relationship.

“I’m softer, I don’t want that anymore. I decided to be nicer,” he said. “I don’t think I lost interest in playing, I had a different view of the game. Each person operates differently depending on their goals.”

She said that she had been feeling tired and stressed when she said controversial lines in the interview that had repercussions on social media. “I felt far from the prize, I was feeling lost.”

She also classified that Isabelle, Davi, did not reach the final of the reality show. As for her, Alane is a top 3 name. “I think she’s a very talented girl,” she said.

Source: Folha

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