Entrance to SEF for Olympiacos-Fenerbahce only with nominal tickets


Only registered ticket holders and those accredited will be allowed entry to his match tonight Olympiakou with Fenerbahce, as announced by the red and white KAE. “After the recent amendments to Law 2725/199 and the expanded responsibilities provided for the DEAB, we are faced with a new reality where the help and contribution of all fans is neededn”, the people of Piraeus report about today’s match which is sold out.

The announcement of Olympiakos:

The Regular Season of the Euroleague will close, exactly as it opened: with SOLD OUT!

And in tomorrow’s match against Fenerbahce (12/04, 21.15) the SEF will be suffocatingly full. However, in order for ALL of us to enjoy another celebration on our field, we will have to play AS A TEAM and follow the rules STRICTLY.

As in all home matches, support the effort of Giorgos Bartzokas and his players EXCLUSIVELY with the power of your voice and DO NOT use lasers and smoke generators.

After the recent amendments to Law 2725/199 and the expanded powers provided for the DEAB, we are faced with a new reality where the help and contribution of all fans is needed.


* The stadium gates will open 2 hours before the match (at 19:15). Please arrive at the SEF early enough, as there is a possibility of crowding at the entrance gates shortly before the jamball.

* We inform you that both inside and around the gates of the stadium, a high-definition camera system operates in accordance with the law and that any offending behavior is recorded and will be punished according to law.

* The use of smoke, firecrackers and lasers is strictly FORBIDDEN, as there is a serious risk of our team being punished.

* Entry to the stadium will ONLY be allowed to those with registered tickets and to those who have been accredited. Everyone should have and display their ticket or accreditation, as well as their ID, whenever necessary.

ATTENTION: Entry will not be allowed to those who are found at the Police control without a registered ticket or with a ticket in a name other than their own.

* Season ticket holders who are entitled to access to the Valet, A and B parking lots please show the special parking card they have obtained from KAE OLYMPIAKOS when receiving their season ticket. Otherwise, entry to the relevant parking spaces will not be allowed. Sports fans without the right to use the parking lot are requested not to approach the stadium, as there is a traffic problem.

All sports fans are also requested to follow the instructions of the Traffic and Police around the stadium and not to park in areas that are likely to create a problem, as there will be a risk of moving their vehicle.

Source: Sport Fm

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