First win for Aris in the Top 6 against Peristeri bwin who… was thinking about Bonn!


With versatility in the attack and more forces in the second part, o Mars prevailed 82-75 of Pigeon bwincelebrating his first win in the Top 6 of the Stoiximan Basket League.

His team Vasilis Spanoulis she looked tired from the match with her Bonnwhile the third quarter-final of the BCL in Germany (16/4) was also on the minds of the players.

In the 13-12 the “yellows” went up, while on the other hand the Peristeriotes retreated to 16-9.

Leading for Aris was Bloombergs with 16 points, while others 14p. with 7 rebounds added Sanogo.

From Peristeri bwin, stood out Mitrou-Long and Dangubic with 12 points each. Concern in the western suburbs team, as he left injured Kenny Williams.

The match

Strong start from Aris, who initially went to 4-13 and then reached +11 (6-17), in 5′. The bwin Pigeon reacted and increased its pace, with the “yellows” responding and closing the first period at +13 (14-27).

In the second quarter, it was the turn of Spanoulis’ team to come in very strongly and with polyphony in the attack, they scored individually 15-2, for the tie (29-29), in the 15th minute. From that point on, the two teams matched the score, but thanks to Lov, Peristeri bwin went to the locker room with +3 (40-37).

With a basket by Dangubic at the beginning of the second half, the home team escaped to +5 (42-37), with Blombergs catching fire and Aris going on an 8-0 run, for +3 (42-45). in the 23rd minute. Ragland temporarily gave the Peristeriotes the lead (46-45), but Sanogo and Stark answered for +8 (52-60), in the 28th minute. In the last two minutes, the hosts pressed and with Mitrou-Long they reduced to three points (57-60), at the end of the third period.

With unstoppable surprises after terrible defenses, Aris went on a 7-0 run in the fourth quarter, for +10 (57-67), while Sanogo and De Souza sent it back to +12 (63-75), at 35 ‘. Then, it was the turn of Peristeri bwin to answer and with a 10-0 of its own, it came close to the basket (73-75), with 1:16” before the end. However, the Thessaloniki team had strength and responded with Sanogo and Katsiveli, making individual scores 2-7 until the end and taking the victory with a score of 75-82.

The quarters: 14-27, 40-37, 57-60, 75-82

See here the match statistics

Source: Sport Fm

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