Masouras: “For all those lost matches of Olympiakos in the 90’s. For Juventus, Gerrard, Riathor…”


A dedication from the heart was made by George Masouras after his epic qualification Olympiakou in his semi-finals Conference League.

Regarding the saves of the hero Tzolakis, he said: “I was very sure about Kostas, I don’t know why. He exuded confidence, he had taken the wind out of them from the first penalty».

On whether he thought before the penalty that he had found the net in the same goal in the previous match against Fenerbahce: “No, I didn’t think that I had scored the two goals in the same goal, what to think at that time (ss. laughs). I wanted to score a lot, I chose a corner… I lost my pace, I wanted to gain an advantage, pass the opponent, but I lost my pace».

On how the qualification was celebrated in the locker room: “It was a mess. We were more baffled. Anyone who understands the magnitude of success, I couldn’t believe it. It really is such a big hit. It was for all those lost games of Olympiakos in Europe in the 90’s. For Gerrard’s elimination from the groups. For Riathor in the 90′, for the exclusion from Juventus is understood, for Metalist, for Wolves. All these games came together here and I really enjoyed it and I feel lucky to be part of the generation that reached “4”. People really became so happy. European success is something different. The team was thirsty for this big step and finally we are here».

For her obstacle Aston Villa: :Every opponent is equal, the names don’t matter, it matters how much each team wants it and we want it very much, we proved it today and we will continue to work».

Source: Sport Fm

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