Celebrating in Greece the anniversary of 60 years old Ford Mustangg, the most iconic sports model on the world stage, the all-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E is now coming to attract everyone’s attention and electrify Ford’s luxurious and renewed stage at the Golden Hall shopping center in Maroussi.

In addition to the unique opportunity to see up close the purely electric version of Ford’s well-known and famous pony, visitors to the stage will additionally have the opportunity to receive a gift postcard from all generations of Mustang and of course to be informed about all the top technologies and capabilities of the new Ford Mustang Mach-E by the company’s specially trained staff who will be there from 10:00-21:00 in order to answer every question and solve every question to you.

In addition to the above, stage visitors will have the opportunity to book their own personalized test drive with the new Ford Mustang Mach-E so that they can enjoy the unique driving qualities of Ford’s purely electric model, the quiet operation, but also the top performance it ensures.

Visit the Ford stage at the Golden Hall now to see the latest electrified version of the iconic Ford Mustang and enjoy a unique test drive with it.

An electric Mustang for every requirement

The version with which the new Ford Mustang Mach-E is introduced to customers is the Style, which features rear-wheel drive and is powered by electricity from the “Standard Capacity” battery, achieving an electric range of up to 470km*. The remaining three versions carry the Premium designation and are available with either rear-wheel drive with an “Extended Capacity” battery and a range of up to 600km*either with all-wheel drive and a “Standard Capacity” battery with a range of up to 428km* or “Extended Capacity” battery with up to 550km*.

The rear wheel drive (RWD) version with the “Standard Capacity” battery delivers maximum power 269 ​​horsepower and 470 Nm of torque, with the corresponding variant of the model with the “Extended Capacity” battery delivering 294 horsepower. Accordingly, the all-wheel drive (AWD) versions of the new Ford Mustang Mach-E perform 315 and 351 hp with the Standard Range and Extended Range battery respectively, with the maximum torque being configured in both cases at 580 Nm.

At the top of the available versions is the four-wheel drive GT, which is signed by Ford Performance and is powered by the “Extended Capacity” battery and two advanced electric motors on the front and rear axles with combined performance 487 horsepowera torque of 860 Nm and a range of up to 490km*

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*(WLTP- mixed test cycle)