Aris-AEK: To… exorcise the curse of “Kl. Vikelidis” and to keep the “Union” at the top


Tuesday and… dangerous for AEK at “Ok. Vikelides” or even a positive home result this year for Mars on the “bicephalus”?

“Union” will be welcomed by Thessaloniki on Sunday afternoon (21/4, 19:30) as part of the 6th matchday of the Stoiximan Super League playoffs.

The match will be televised from Novasports Prime and radio by News Bulletin 247while there will be live updates from

A game, in which the scoring bet naturally only concerns the doubles of Greece. Of course, his team Matias Almeida he has found out first hand that the seat in question is not just easy. After all, this season he met him there exclusion in the Greek Cup, while also lost two points (3-3, accepting the equalizer at 90’+7′) in the last “turn” of regular time.

At the same time, the two teams are coming from their meeting last Sunday (14/4) at the OPAP Arena. Where AEK, with an excellent performance in the first half and good management in the second, prevailed 2-0 thanks to his two quick goals Ponce (9′ and 14′).

Thus, taking advantage of the postponement of the PAOK-Olympiakos derby, he returned to peakousa with 69 points in +1 from Panathinaikos, at +2 from “the bicep of the North” and to +6 from the Piraeus, with the last two of course also having struggle less.

The doubles of Greece, therefore, want to do it 2/2 against Aris, to take advantage of any losses of their competitors (at 17:00 Lamia-Panathinaikos and at 20:30 Olympiacos-PAOK) and go straight to the triple derby what follows for them (Panathinaikos home next Wednesday, PAOK away and Olympiacos away). After all, now in the final stretch with five matches remaining, every loss is costly.

It should be noted that on Saturday (20/4) the “Union” also got psychological…buster on her departure for Thessaloniki, after the relevant call made by Original, with the friends of the team providing potential “present”. After all, yesterday was another milestone day in the centuries-old history of AEK, as the opening of its impressive History Museum took place at OPAP Arena!

As for the hosts, who are in 5th place (48b,), at -15 from Olympiakos and at +14 from Lamia, the goal is to have the best possible performance but also to return to positive results. The entirety of it Akis Manziou -who in his statements emphasized that his team must avoid the mistakes it made in the last matches (especially at the start of the matches)- comes from three straight losses, respectively by Olympiakos (3-0), Panathinaikos (0-2) and AEK (2-0). Of course, the presence of the Thessalonians against the “clover” in “Kl. Vikelidis” was quite good and will be a guide for today’s game as well. Of course, all this time the mind cannot leave him cup finalwhere he will face the “greens”.

In the competitive part now, firstly for the home team, he returned to his mission Fabiano who overcame his injury, but also Carlson, for the first time after four months the Swedish winger! On the other hand, as expected, the injured were left out Ferrari and VelethThe Suleimanov suffering from a virus, as well as Ducouret, Rupp and Pardo.

On the other hand, the guests, as usual, did not announce a mission. However, the injured are out of date Garcia, Mukudi and Stankovic, while Amrabad, who has returned to his regular training schedule, is in attendance. Also, in relation to the previous game between the two teams, Szymanski returns who served his suspension.

Possible compositions:

Aris (Akis Manzios): Cuesta – Odubazzo, Fabiano, Brambetz, Montoya – Jules, Darinda – Panagidis, Fetfatzidis, Saverio – Moron.

AEK (Matias Almeida): Athanasiadis – Sidibe, Vida, Cullens, Hadjisafi – Amrabad, Simanski, Ljubisic, Gacinovic – Ponce, Zuber.

Referee: Christos Vergetis

First Assistant: Tryfon Petropoulos

Second Assistant: Hasan Kula

4th referee: Konstantinos Tsetsilas

VAR: Patrick-Franz Hanslbauer (Germany)

So, this will be the 6th meeting of the two teams this year. In the context of the first round of the regular season, AEK prevailed 1-0 in New Philadelphia, while the second game ended 3-3. In between, in the “16” phase of the Cup, the first match at the OPAP Arena came 0-0 and the rematch in “Kl. Vikelides” 1-1with the Thessalonians prevailing 4-2 at penalty kick. And as also mentioned above, the first meeting between the two teams in the Playoffs is over 2-0 in favor of the “Union”.

In total, in 64 meetings between the two teams in the championship with Aris as host:

25 victories of Mars

19 ties

20 AEK wins

Goal: 82-76

Source: Sport Fm

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