Clasico ghost goal talks surface: ‘We have no proof the ball crossed the line’


The dust has not yet settled from the debate over the refereeing of the clasico culminating in the disallowance of Lamine Yaman’s goal and while the score was at 1-1 between Real and Barcelona (3-2). The Spanish federation released the dialogue between referee Thesar Soto Grado and VAR.

As it turns out, both judged that from the moment that there was no clear television footage showing the entire ball crossing the goal line of Andrei Lunin, but also since there is no line technology in LaLiga, they decided not to award the 16-year-old midfielder’s goal.

The dialogue in detail as it appears from the publication of the audios:

Referee: In my opinion, it has not been completely passed.

VAR: We’ll check it out, Thesar. Wait a minute.

Referee: We are waiting. There is no goal line technology. We are waiting for VAR. Maybe it was a goal. We see it. No, there is no goal line technology.

VAR: Sergio, stop it the moment Lunin catches the ball and take it back. Wait a second because we’re doing a 360 because we don’t have a shot.

Referee: We are waiting. We don’t know.

VAR: We have stopped it, Lunin’s body hides us. Wait a second. We are still looking for proof. This doesn’t do me, neither this, nor this, next, neither this, nor this…

Referee: We are not in a hurry, it is a very important decision, we are not in a hurry. we see all the cameras.

VAR: We don’t have any more. Are we confirming that we don’t have any other cameras?

Referee: We are not in a hurry. It is best to wait, We must wait.

VAR: Thesar, we will start the game with a corner, we have no evidence that the ball crossed the line. We have no proof, so corner.

Source: Sport Fm

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