Olympiacos: Tickets for the rematch with Aston Villa are circulating and… disappearing


On May 9, Olympiacos will host “G. Karaiskakis” the Aston Villa in the second leg, for the semi-finals of the Conference League.

Piraeus informed that the tickets for this game will be available to the public from tomorrow (25/04).


THE PAE Olympiacosfor the UEFA Europa Conference League semi-final match against Aston Villa which will be held at the Stadium “C. Karaiskakis” on Thursday 09/05 at 22:00, informs the friends of the team about the following:

Tickets will be available online (www.olympiacos.org) from Thursday 25/04 from 11:00 and until sold out, with the possibility of buying 2 tickets per user.

Tickets will be collected in the following ways:

a) the Print@home function (receiving the tickets by email)

b) with the Ticket Mobile application in which the ticket is displayed on a Smartphone. To buy tickets online, click here.

The ticket offices will be open on Thursday 25/04 (11:00 until sold out) with the possibility of buying 2 tickets per sports fan.

The ticket prices are as follows: 35, 40, 55, 65, 80, 100, 150, 300€ (VIP), 350€ (VVIP).


The fans of our team who are DISABLED (with a condition above 67% and no mobility problems) will be able to get tickets at gates 21 & 22 at the special price of €20 ONLY on Thursday 25/04 or until sold out. The specific tickets will be available from the ticket offices of the stadium “G. Karaiskakis”, with the above sales procedures through publishing houses, with the presentation of the ADT, AMKA and the Notification of Disability Certification Result (AMEA).

Gov.gr Wallet

From April 9, 2024, the new way of entry of fans to the stadiums and stadiums of the whole country was implemented.

Based on the government decisions, it is pointed out that until the end of the current season, a hybrid system of entry to the stadiums will apply, both with the digital ticket in Gov.gr Wallet, and with the conventional Season or Single ticket (the first to enter the stadium will be scanned at the turnstiles of the “G. Karaiskakis” Stadium). Those fans who wish can download their tickets (Seasonal or Single per match) in Gov.gr Wallet, while the season tickets (either on card or in electronic form) issued for the current season remain active until the end of the season period 2023-24.

Anyone can download the Gov.gr Wallet application from Google Play or the App Store as long as they are registered in the National Register of Communications (E.M.Ep.).

Anyone who has not registered can do so at emep.gov.gr.

For more details regarding the digital ticket as well as information and instructions regarding the operation of the digital ticket, you can refer to https://tickets.gov.gr/ or click here

PAE Olympiacos is not involved in the process of adding the digital ticket to the Gov.gr wallet from its purchase onwards. For any technical problem related to the addition to Gov.gr Wallet or any malfunctions or people who do not have access to it, they should refer exclusively to https://support.gov.gr/guide/ or click here.

We point out to all our fans that from the new 2024/2025 season, it will not be possible to enter the stadium without using the Gov.gr Wallet application. That is why its installation is necessary for those who do not have it yet.


As under the new law ID is checked at gate entrances, please arrive early with your ID (ticket and ID details must be the same).

Please note that ticket cancellations or changes are not possible.

Ticket information at [email protected]

Olympiakos Amateur Football Card

PAE Olympiacos reminds the fans that in order to purchase a ticket for our team’s matches they must have the “Olympiacos fan card” which the fan will purchase by paying €10 per year, an amount that will go entirely to the Amateur’s fund, so that may our teams continue to star in all sports.

Sports fans will be able to obtain the “Olympiacos fan card” from the office of the members/fans section of Amateur Olympiacos located at the G. Karaiskakis stadium (below door 19 – Emporiki Stoa).

They will also be able to purchase the “Olympiacos fan card” from the Internet (www.olympiacossfp.gr).

For information about the “Olympiakos fan card” you can call Amateur O.S.F.P. at 211-1007060 or at [email protected].

Source: Sport Fm

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