He beat Apollon Smyrnis on penalties and PAOK finished fourth


PAOK completed the surprise and advanced to the semi-finals of A1 men’s polo. The “two-headed” won 14-13 on penalties (a.k.a. 10-10) in Posidonio in the second meeting between them for the quarter-finals of the A1 men’s polo and, combined with his victory in Serafio last Saturday, and took the qualification for the top four, where now against Vouliagmeni with a home disadvantage, he will try to reach the finals, while ensuring his participation in next season’s European competitions, which the “light brigade” will also claim, through positions 5-8 .

PAOK also led by +3, but Apollon tied in the final 10-10 with Gardikas and sent the match to penalties. There, goalkeeper Aivaliotis emerged as the hero for the “two-headed team”, who saved Solanakis’ last penalty.

Eight minutes: 5-4, 3-2, 2-1, 0-3, Pen. 4-3.

PAOK (Thodoris Hatzitheodorou): Aivaliotis, Dalapas, Laskaridis 3, Prosiniklis N. 1, Kapragos, Kehalaris I. 3, Tsolakoudis 2, Xylas, Delitz 3, Prosiniklis P., Kupman 1, Kouyounis, Siordilis, Saleh, Karatzas 1

APOLLON SMYRNIS (Nikos Deligiannis): Galanopoulos, Alamanos, Bogdanovich 2, Mokkas 1, Troulos 1, Diplaros, Sousiasvili 2, Chondrokoukis, Goniotakis 2, Gardikas 2, Tsachilides, Solanakis 3, Tsiavaliris, Tottis

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