In Zadar, the National team for the Men’s, Women’s European Championship


With the aim of continuing the successes of recent years, the Greek karateka left for the Zadarwhere it will be held 59The European Championship Men, Women. The games will be hosted from May 8 to 12 at the indoor “Krezimir Cosic” in the Croatian city, with the participation of approximately 700 athletes from 51 countries.

The mission left in the morning from “Eleftherios Venizelos” and is expected to return next Monday (13/5). The national team consists of 14 people, 8 men and 6 women, who will participate in the individual KATA and KUMITE categories as well as in the team KUMITE. His absence is significant Dionysis Xenos, with three consecutive medals in the previous Europeans (2021, 2022, 2023), who announced his temporary retirement from the mats. Present, instead, is his brother and current -60k World Champion, Stefanos Xenos.

Also, the European Championship of Zadar has another peculiarity for Greek karate. And that’s because o George Tzanos will join for the first time as a coach having completed a 20-year career, full of medals and accolades.

The athletes are accompanied by Vassilis Tsiakmakis as mission leader, the coaches Spyros Margaritopoulos, George Tzanos, Mariza Soumbasaki and the physical therapist Ilias Giannaklis.



AGAINST : Lampros Markesinis (Athens Karate)

-60km: Stefanos Xenos (AS Odysseus)

-67: Giorgos Baliotis (AS Odysseas)

-75kg: Vangelis Seremetakis (AGS Periklis)

-84k.: Konstantinos Mastrogiannis (Doxa Galatsiou)

+84k.: Thanos Nikopoulos (Karate of Edessa)

Team: Sergios Karvounis (A.S. Zografou Municipality)

Nikos Drivas (AS Brotherhood)


AGAINST : Georgina Xenou (AS Odysseus Petroupolis)

-50km: Stelina Dzilia (AS Lakkoma)

-55km: Maria Stoli (AS The Brotherhood)

-61km.: Konstantina Chrysopoulou (AS The Brotherhood)

-68k.: Stavroula Oraiopoulou (Lakkoma Karate)

Team: Constantina Peppa (AS Odysseus)

* In Zadar, the Greek arbitration will be represented by Dimitris Anastasiadis, Dimitris Arseniadis, George Kampanos and Nikos Panetsidis

The program of the organization

Wednesday, May 8

10:30 Proc. AGAINST (C)

12:00 Proc. AGAINST (A)

13:30 Pref. KUMITE +68k (C)

14:45 Proc. KUMITE +84k (A)

16:00 Pref. KUMITE -68k (C)

17:15 Proc. KUMITE -84k (A)

18:30 Pref. KUMITE -61k (C)

19:45 Proc. KUMITE -75k (A)

Thursday, May 9

10:30 Proc. AGAINST team (A), (C)

12:30 Proc. KUMITE -67k (A)

13:45 Proc. KUMITE -55k (C)

15:00 Pref. KUMITE -60k (A)

16:10 Proc. KUMITE -50k (C)

18:30 Pref. Team KUMITE (C)

Friday, May 10

10:00 Proc. KUMITE team (A) (C)

14:00 Parakarate (All categories)


19:15 KUMITE group rehearsal (A) (C)

Saturday, May 11

10:30 – 12:15 Bronze medal matches

KUMITE +68k (C), +84k (A), -68k (C), -84k (A), -61k (A), -55k (C), -75k (A)

13:00 – 14:25 FINAL

KUMITE +68k (C), +84k (A), -68k (C), -84k (A), -61k (A), -55k (C), -75k (A)

14:25 – 14:45 Parakarate (Categories K21 & K22)

16:30 – 18:30 Bronze medal matches

AGAINST (C), AGAINST (A), KUMITE -60k (A), -50k (C), -67k (A), Team (C)

19:00 – 20:30 FINAL

AGAINST (C), AGAINST (A), KUMITE -60k (A), -50k (C), -67k (A), Team (C)

Sunday, May 12

10:00 – 12:10 Bronze medal matches

KATA Team (A), (C), KUMITE Team (A)

13:00 – 14:20 FINAL

KATA Team (A), (C), KUMITE Team (A)


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