Aris-Panathinaikos ACTOR: The Top-6 of the Stoiximan Basket League ends at “Alexandreio”


With a match at “Alexandreio” it is completed Top-6 her Stoiximan Basket Leaguebefore the start of playoffs.

THE Mars welcomes him Panathinaikos ACTOR (17:15, ERT3,, News Bulletin 247), in an indifferent game, since both teams have ensure exactly their position in the ranking regardless of the result.

The “yellows”, initially, have 23 whole days to fight due to the interruption. Their last match was the one with him Colossus of Rhodes, at home, with the guests taking the victory with a score of 69-60. Anyway, o Mars he will definitely be fifth and face him in the playoffs with a handicap Prometheus.

Regarding the competitive games of the team of Yannis Kastritis, he will be left out Dimitris Katsivelisdue to a calf injury, and o Jonathan Stark who has tendon problems. The place of the last in the 12 will be taken by Eric Reid.

On the other hand, Mr Panathinaikos AKTOR he recently postponed a match against Prometheus in OAKA, which he won with difficulty 90-82, without stepping on the “gas”. His team Ergin Ataman has secured absolute home advantage, will play in the first round with PAOKand he sees the Final Four (May 24-26) looming, so he’ll likely give key players some breathers.

For the “greens”, they will not compete Kostas Sloukas and Juancho Hernangomet, who are dealing with a concussion and are undergoing treatment to be ready for Berlin. At the same time, Panagiotis Kalaitzakis will be out with a virus, while Kostas Antetokounmpo did not travel to Thessaloniki due to a family matter.

Detailed match numbers:


First National Team (From 1963-64): Aris Midea – Panathinaikos AKTOR 45-94

Stoiximan Basket League (From 1992-93): Aris Midea – Panathinaikos AKTOR 13-66


First National Team (From 1963-64): Aris Midea – Panathinaikos AKTOR 34-34

Stoiximan Basket League (From 1992-93): Aris Midea – Panathinaikos AKTOR 11-27


First National

1986-87: Aris Midea – Panathinaikos AKTOR 94-73

1990-91: Aris Midea – Panathinaikos AKTOR 105-84

Stoiximan Basket League 2006-07: Aris Midea – Panathinaikos AKTOR 60-96


2021-22 (Regular Season): Aris Midea – Panathinaikos AKTOR 81-71 (Olivier Hanlan had 35 for Aris)

Source: Sport Fm

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