Contis to Panathinaikos players: “Victory against Olympiakos, Cup and to connect with the world again”


Message gathering to his players Panathinaikou gave the Christos Kontis.

Before performing the his first training session (and after being introduced by the technical director, Giannis Papadimitriou), the Greek technician gave the signal restructuring to football players.

Told them so among other things:

“I am very cheerful that I am here with you. To me this club means many. We have achieved a lot together, I know most of you and we should all keep her in mind big responsibility against the club.

In these 10 days we have to find a way to put aside our problems and to think only collectively. We have it and we can do it succeed.

The minimum the team’s goal is to conquer it Cup and participation in European events and we have to succeed. From today the heart, soul and mind all of us should be on how to win him Olympic.

We will deal with the Cup final from Monday. We have to find a way to reconnect with the world. And this will be done with our performance, with the passion us, with our every move and our energy on the field. Know that all of you are great ones football players. Let’s go to work to achieve our goals.”

Source: Sport Fm

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