Lessor: “I want the Cup to show people that everything is possible”


A special reason for Panathinaikos winning the Euroleague title tomorrow was given by Matias Lessor at the press conference of the match. The trefoil center in a heartfelt statement referred to the very difficult years he spent as a child and emphasized that he wants the trophy to prove to everyone that everything is possible in life.

The statements of Matias Lessor in detail:

Regarding the presence of Panathinaikos in the final:

“We are grateful to be in a position to challenge for the title. Real are a great team and it won’t be easy, but we’ve made a big effort looking at each game individually. We will fight for the trophy.”

On his fight with Tavares:

“It’s a big challenge to face a great center like Tavares, who every year could be Defensive Player of the Year. I can’t promise anything, but I will try to do everything I can for my team to win. But I don’t see it as a personal duel.”

For Tavares who called him the best center in the tournament:

“It is an honor that Tavares says about me that I am the best center in the Euroleague. But – I repeat – the duel is not personal. I will try to make my team win. There is respect off the court, but in the match there will be a battle”

For the defense in Campacho:

“You should ask the gentleman next to me (Ataman). I don’t know, I’ll be ready for whatever is asked of me. It won’t be so much about tactics, but about passion.”

Source: Sport Fm

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