Madness among Panathinaikos fans – Great efforts by KAE for tickets and charters


Ergin Ataman asked for it… The fans of Panathinaikos, of course, had already started looking for ways to stand by their team in tomorrow’s grand final of the Euroleague even before the team’s coach’s statement.

But these efforts are also made by the people of the green KAE. According to the latest information, the officials of Panathinaikos AKTOR are in contact with the officials to find more tickets for fans who are in Berlin and most importantly flights to reach the city.

As mentioned in a related morning publication, the friends of Panathinaikos also make their own contacts to obtain tickets.

Already several fans of Fenerbahce and Olympiakos are rushing to sell their own tickets, in order to reduce the cost of an already very expensive trip.

Several fans of the “cloverleaf” are already in Berlin without a ticket since yesterday and are… desperately trying to find a place for the final, while thousands more are expected from Greece and other countries in the German metropolis, either having already placed their orders for a ticket , either in the hope of finding here.

A greater difficulty, however, than finding a ticket, is found in the way to travel to Berlin from Greece. Flights are all booked or very expensive (even close to 1,000 euros by air!), with fans looking for flights to nearby cities to make the trip via another “stop” in Berlin, while some immediately after the final decided to start by road from Greece (the route is about 25 hours in total, non-stop)!

Panathinaikos emphasize that they are making efforts to charter charters for the team’s fans to fly.

Estimates of how many additional people will be on the side of Panathinaikos cannot be made. Everything shows that the most… pessimistic forecasts speak of 7-8 thousand friends of the six-star team at Uber Arena on Sunday.

Source: Sport Fm

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