The data for Araujo-Amrbat in AEK


Beyond the given reinforcement of AEK in the summer transfer window, there are other issues that concern the management and him Matias Almeida.

These are about the renewal of contracts footballers who remain free and are special cases for the “Union”.

This category includes Sergio Araujo and Nordin Amrabadtwo outstanding issues that the Argentinian coach would like to have cleared up as soon as possible, so that the “Two-Headed” can proceed accordingly.

Why in the event that neither doesn’t stay in the team, then it becomes clear that the “yellow and black” are asked to proceed with two additional moves to strengthen the team’s offensive line.

Amrabad for another summerwhile AEK’s intention is to keep him, he is thinking of returning (also for family reasons) to the Netherlands.

As far as Araujo is concernedthings there are more… hazy, since the Argentinian striker left for his summer holidays, without having any conversation with the “Union”.

That is, without having actually discussed the proposal he has received from the club, while he did not seek a meeting to discuss and at the moment all possibilities are open regarding his future.

Source: Sport Fm

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