“Saleh back to the team of his heart”: Sakota’s return to AEK is official – The schedule with his duties


His official Dragan Sakota in AEK!

“Union”, shortly after the relevant teaser and as expected, announced the return of the experienced technician to the ranks.

In one announcement with… messages about the present and future of the club and which also mentions the role of “Sale”. Specifically, initially he will take on the role of coach and from the following season the responsibility of Strategic Planning as Sports Director.

In detail, the AEK announcement:

The coach of 3+1 titles (1 Greek Championship, 1 BCL, 1 Greek Cup as Coach + 1 Intercontinental Cup as Sports Director) returns to his “Home”..

Dragan Sakota takes over the “Queen” again after signing an agreement with AEK BETSSON BC by signing permanent contract, to close his glorious career in the Team of his “yellow and black” heart.

The Serbo-Greek coach, after the periods 2001-2003, 2014-2015 & 2017-2018, will sit on the bench of our Team for the 4th time, with the aim of restoring normality.

From the following period, “Sale” assumes Sports Director and the responsibility of Strategic Planning of AEK VETSSON BC.

In the recent past he was General Manager and Sports Director of “Vasilissa”, as well as Technical Director of AEK BC ACADEMY.

In the next period, the next moves in the direction of structural changes in the CEE will be revealed, but mainly the realistic goals of the new era.

Coates, welcome back!


1978-1988 IMT Belgrade

1988-1989 Zadar

1989-1990 National team of Yugoslavia

1989-1990 Tsibona

1990-1991 PAOK

1992-1993 Apollon Patras

1993-1994 Hercules

1994-1995 PAOK

1995-1997 Pigeon

1998-2000 Hercules

1999 National team of Yugoslavia

2000-2001 Mars

2001-2003 AEK

2003-2004 OSF

2004-2005 Serbian national team

2005-2007 Red Star

2006-2007 National Team of Serbia

2008 Loading Bologna

2010-2011 Trabzonspor

2011-2012 Antalya Sport

2014-2015 AEK

2017-2018 AEK

2019-2020 Red Star

2022 Zaragoza

2022-2023 Reggio Emilia

2023-2024 Brindisi


1 Greek Championship (2002, AEK)

1 Basketball Champions League (2018, AEK)

1 Greek Cup (AEK, 2018)

1 European Cup Winners’ Cup (1991, PAOK)

1 Cup of Yugoslavia (IMT Belgrade, 1987)

1 Serbian Cup (Red Star, 2006)

Source: Sport Fm

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