KAE Panathinaikos AKTOR to the world: “Don’t let anyone spoil the unique atmosphere of OAKA”

KAE Panathinaikos AKTOR to the world: “Don’t let anyone spoil the unique atmosphere of OAKA”

The countdown to the most crucial derby between Panathinaikos AKTOR and Olympiakos this season has arrived and the “green” KAE has issued an announcement to the fans who will be tonight at OAKA(21:15 ERT3) for Game 5 of the finals of the Stoiximan Basket League which will also decide the champion.

Doors will open at 18:30while the European Champions ask their crowd not to let anyone “spoil” the atmosphere that has been created this year at OAKA.

The announcement of the OEM in detail:

Ahead of tonight’s fifth final of the Stoiximan Basket League against Olympiakos (14/6, 21:15), KAE Panathinaikos AKTOR would like to thank its fans from the bottom of their hearts, who once again showed their love for the team selling out all the tickets in just a few hours.

Tonight’s game is the last of this wonderful year, from the beginning of which you stood by our team and supported it in your own unique way, winning the admiration of the entire basketball world.

Tonight, therefore, we call upon you one last time for this year, to show restraint and not respond to any kind of provocation.

Only you know how important it is to support the team only with your voice, without insulting slogans against natural persons and strictly avoiding the use of laser devices and smoke generators, as the penalties in this case will be given and unbearable.

Panathinaikos fans, don’t let anyone spoil the unique atmosphere we have created in our “home”, OAKA, this season!

Along with the above, we would like to inform you of the following:


Fans will enter the OAKA facilities from Gates B’ and D’ and exit from Gates A’, B’ and D’.

Parking 5 will remain closed for security reasons as the venue will be fully set up for the following day’s concert. VIP season ticket holders who have their own place in Parking 5, will be able to park their vehicles in Parking 3 in a specially designed area!

Parking P3, P4, P6 as well as P8 (Spyrou Louis & Kymis) and P9 (Kymis & Neratziotissis) will be available for the rest of the fans.

It is prohibited to park vehicles in places other than the designated and marked parking spaces located in the OAKA Parking lots (e.g. sidewalks, OAKA internal roads, etc.), so as not to disturb the passage of other vehicles. For this reason, we follow, without delay, the instructions of the security, with the aim of correctly distributing the vehicles in the Parking and avoiding our inconvenience during entry and exit.

To avoid your own inconvenience, it is recommended to use Public Transport for your access to the stadium.


Since the match is sold out, tickets for the match against Olympiakos are not available anywhere and from anyone in charge of the team.

Doors open at 18:30. To avoid your own inconvenience, you are requested to come to the court as soon as possible.

Entry to the gates of OAKA is by identity check, so we come to the stadium early, with our ID or passport, to avoid our own inconvenience.

In the event that during an inspection it is established that the possession of a no-name ticket or a ticket on which the first and last name is written is different from that of the owner, then in addition to the ban on entry to the stadium by the police, the ticket holder will be subject to a maximum fine, while he is threatened with very serious penalties and the KAE, which may include the closing of the gate where the offense took place or even the stadium as a whole.

The entry of children over the age of five for the matches of the Stoiximan Basket League is done exclusively by showing a separate ticket and in no case with the parent’s ticket.


The new law is particularly strict, providing for “heavy” penalties, immediately applicable, which go as far as banning fans from entering the stadium and holding matches behind closed doors.

Abusive slogans against natural persons, as well as the use of laser devices and smoke generators, are strictly prohibited.

Special consideration is required of court-side ticket holders, who due to their position on the court are required to display a dignified behaviour. There will be zero tolerance for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The posting of banners or other inscriptions of a political, religious or ideological nature, with abusive, racist or sexist content is expressly prohibited, because it brings heavy fines to our team, but also leads to matches that will be held without your presence.

It is forbidden to watch the match from a different seat than the one indicated on our ticket.

Source: Sport Fm

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