Official of Salustro in Panionios

Official of Salustro in Panionios

To Panionio will compete in the new season o Christos Saloustros.

The Nea Smyrni team announced the signing of the 34-year-old forward, who returns to the Nea Smyrni team after the 2013-14 season.

THE Salustros he has competed successively in Philathetikos, Panionio, PAOK, Kolossos Rhodes, Promethea, Peristeri and Apollon Patras.

In detail, the Panionios announcement:

KAE PANIONIOS announces the reaching of an agreement with Christos Saloustro for the 2024-2025 season.

Christos Saloustros returns to KAE PANIONIOS after 10 years as he had worn the “blue and red” in the 2013-2014 season. Then he had his first experience in the Basket League where he was to write an important career in the following years.

He was born on March 29, 1990 in Heraklion and is 2.02 meters tall. He started playing basketball at the local Asteras and then at Minoas. At the age of 16 he moved with his family to Athens and for two years he competed at PAO Koukakiou.

At the age of 18, he joined the youth team of Olympiakos. In 2009, he transferred to Sporting, with whom he played for the first time in the National Division.

He then found himself in the Philathletikos team, a teammate with Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nikos Ghikas and won two promotions (from the 3rd national team to the A2 category).

Panionios became his first team in the Basket League, followed by PAOK, Kolossos Rhodes, Prometheus, Peristeri, PAOK again and last year Apollon Patron.

He has 13 appearances with the Greek National Team, while in 2018 he was voted the most improved player of the Basket League.

After his agreement with KAE PANIONIOS, Christos Saloustros stated the following:

“I am very happy and satisfied to return after ten years to PANIONIO. I am very happy that I will work with coach Lykogiannis for the fourth time in my career and in a third different team. I am also very happy to meet Nikos and Dimitris once more. It was something that happened very quickly and I didn’t think about it at all.

I know how much the coach wanted me, while regarding PANIONIO, we had discussed last year as well. Unfortunately we did not agree last year and this was my choice and as it was seen from the result I feel that I should have been in the team since last year. However, it’s never too late, it’s happening this year.

To work hard, to enter the court healthy as well as to leave it healthy and beyond that to reach as high as possible and succeed in returning PANIONIOS to the upper echelons of the Basket League.

And because I was in the last team that had a distinction in Greece, it went far in the Cup and in the top four in the league, while we qualified for the second phase of the Eurocup, I am particularly happy and for that reason I would like a year that would lay the foundations for the team in the coming years to reach where it was and leave its mark on Greek basketball. Because Greek basketball needs a strong PANIONIO. Happy new year, let’s have health above all and the rest on the field”


2013-2014 (PANIONIO)

Basket League: 3 points- 3.2 rebounds- 0.8 assists- 0.7 steals (34 ag.)

Eurocup: 1.8 points- 3.5 rebounds- 0.9 assists- 0.7 steals (16 ag.)

2014-2015 (PAOK)

Basket League: 3.7 points- 3.6 rebounds- 0.9 assists- 0.7 steals (33 ag)

Eurocup: 3.8 points- 3.3 rebounds- 0.7 assists- 0.6 steals (16 ag.)

2015-2016 (Colossus of Rhodes)

Basket League: 7.6 points- 5.2 rebounds- 1.4 assists- 1.5 steals (20 ag.)

2016-2017 (Colossus of Rhodes)

Basket League: 6.7 points- 5.2 rebounds- 1.6 assists- 0.7 steals (21 ag.)

2017-2018 (Prometheus of Patras)

Basket League: 10.1 points- 4.4 rebounds- 1.3 assists- 0.9 steals (30 ag.)

2018-2019 (Prometheus of Patras)

Basket League: 5.5 points- 3.9 rebounds- 1.2 assists- 0.8 steals (34 ag.)

BCL: 5.6 points- 4.4 rebounds- 1.3 assists- 0.9 steals (16 ag.)

2019-2020 (Pigeon)

Basket League: 5.6 points- 3 rebounds- 0.7 assists- 0.7 steals (18 ag.)

BCL: 5.5 points- 3.1 rebounds- 0.8 assists- 1.2 steals (12 ag.)

2020-2021 (Pigeon)

Basket League: 4.7 points- 2.9 rebounds- 1.1 assists- 0.5 steals (18 ag.)

BCL: 3.8 points- 1.8 rebounds- 0.3 assists- 1.3 steals (4 ag.)

2021-2022 (Pigeon)

Basket League: 5.2 points- 3.3 rebounds- 0.6 assists- 0.7 steals (22 ag.)

FIBA Europe Cup: 6.2 points- 4.5 rebounds- 1.2 assists- 1.2 steals (6 ag.)

2022-2023 (PAOK)

Basket League: 5.4 points- 5.2 rebounds- 1.4 assists- 0.8 steals (26 ag.)

BCL: 3.4 points- 4.7 rebounds- 0.8 assists- 0.9 steals (9 ag.)

2023-2024 (Apollon Patras)

Basket League: 5.1 points- 3.7 rebounds- 2.3 assists- 0.7 steals (23 ag.)

Overall in the Basket League in 279 appearances he has 1583 points-1107 rebounds-335 assists-114 steals.

We welcome Christos Saloustro to our team and wish for a productive and successful season».

Source: Sport Fm

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