Thiram on the rise of the extreme right in France: “Sad and very serious situation”

Thiram on the rise of the extreme right in France: “Sad and very serious situation”

A position on the upcoming parliamentary elections in France and the strong “wave” of the extreme right that exists in his country, was taken by Marcus Tirama few days before the start of the obligations of the “blue” in EURO 2024.

With the 27-year-old Inter striker becoming the first French international to be placed clearly against to “National Alert» her Marie Le Pen!

“We have to fight so that the RN does not pass. I think the situation is sad and very serious. When I found out I was in the locker room and I was shocked. We have to tell everyone to go vote, to fight every day. I hope everyone shares my opinion, it’s not enough to say we have to go and vote, we have to explain how we got there. I don’t think it’s too complicated to express yourself about it, it comes from my upbringing, I know a lot of people follow me on social media and I’m obliged to convey certain messages,” said Tiram.

He added: “Growing up with my father (including former French international ace Lilian Thiram), I have an obligation to transmit this message. I have no doubts about the fact that everyone thinks like me in the national team. I’m not here to force anyone to say anything, even if they’re thinking it. Thanks to my father I have a good reason to be able to talk about it».

It is worth noting that, until now, all the French national football players who were asked about the political situation in their country, avoided taking a position, saying only that all citizens should vote.

Source: Sport Fm

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