“No” from Panathinaikos to Ipswich’s 22 million euro offer for Ioannidis!

“No” from Panathinaikos to Ipswich’s 22 million euro offer for Ioannidis!

Huge offer to get him Fotis Ioannidis arrived a few days ago at his offices Panathinaikou from Ipswich, which returned to the Premier League this year, with the “greens”, however, rejecting it outright!

As he told News Bulletin 247 The Tasos Nikologiannisthe English team’s mammoth proposal was 22 million euros(!) (she received 200 “papers” for her promotion), in order to bring the Greek forward to ”Portman Road”, who, we remind you, closed the year with 23 goals and 9 assists in all competitions, having forced half of Europe to be on his case!

It is clear, however, even after this, the last “invalidation” from the side of Panathinaikos, that it is the wish of all sides for Ioannidis to continue wearing the green! After all, all this time – and despite the Portuguese insisting on Sporting, writing daily reports – Panathinaikos has emphasized in all tones that the player is not for sale! And the rejection of Ipswich’s huge bid confirms just that. The only case, as underlined by Nikologiannis, in which the “clover” will enter into the process of discussing the sale of Ioannidis, is if an unrealistic offer of 45 million euros and above reaches the offices!

In any case, in the next few days Panathinaikos and Ioannidis will sign a new cooperation contract, with an adjustment to the duration and money of the 24-year-old striker, who will become, if not the highest paid, one of the highest paid players on the “green” roster ! For the record, Ioannidis’ current contract expires in 2027.

Source: Sport Fm

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