Charalambidis: “Preparation for the Pre-Olympics needs… surgical directions”

Charalambidis: “Preparation for the Pre-Olympics needs… surgical directions”

For the specifics of its preparation National team in the short time leading up to Pre-Olympic Tournament (July 2-7) the new member of the coaching team, Kostas Charalambidis, spoke. Vassilis Spanoulis, one of his partners, was hosted on EOK WebRadio and mentioned:

to the difficulty of preparation within such a short period of time: “It’s not easy. It is essentially an emergency group, where within 2 weeks the regular part will have to be prepared and structured. The guys are tired from a very long season that most of them had with their teams. He wants… surgical directions on what exactly is needed and how he can in a short period of time appear the best racing person”.

on how they approach pre-season friendlies: “Because there is a very wide range of things that should be in the eyes of the coaches, we will focus on very specific things, which might be 2-3 targets offensively and defensively. Looking at these we will see how much we performed them. There is not a very wide range of things that should be improved or developed. Because time is short, things should be specific and they will be very basic. Let’s see how we will be, who will be healthy, who will be present. All friendlies are in this context and are many and continuous.’

in the selection of the opponents in the friendly preparations: “All of this planning has been done well in advance and there was a basis that we would have to with certain groups to see very specific features. The Federation has done the best job in terms of the preparation for the Pre-Olympics.”

if they also look at the calls of the other teams of the Pre-Olympic: “It is the basic part of scouting. Our mind is on training and what needs to be done on a daily basis, but we are constantly looking at what is happening in general with the Nationals, with the calls, who is coming, who is not. It’s a continuous process that doesn’t stop until the games come. Every day we see things, shape, include more. It’s an ongoing process.”

Source: Sport Fm

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