Iliopoulos: “Put on your seat belt – I came for titles and an AEK that will be the envy of Europe”!

Iliopoulos: “Put on your seat belt – I came for titles and an AEK that will be the envy of Europe”!

A AEK where will stars in Greece and Europe – but at the same time it will remain as functional as housewife Dimitris Melissanidis left her – announced o Marios Iliopoulos.

The new owner of “Union” characterized Childhood dream the purchase of the yellow and black PAE and stated determined to do whatever it takes (both in transcript level, as well as level protection of the team) to win titles.

At the same time, he deified him “our man”as he described him Matias Almeidaemphasized that he was the one who put the stamp to the administrative change and made it clear that it will have the first and last words in every competitive issue.

As for the enhancement of the group, underlined that the public announcementshowever he pledged that they would be done several moves with the characteristic line “put on a seat belt and what must be done will be done.”

Besides, the new owner of PAE AEK answered about his relationship with him Vangelis Marinakis (emphasizing that they have been pulling for 20 years different streets), but also for him Maki Gagatsinoting that he will wait for them announcements his, however no one will forget the push to Matias Almeidas.

What Marios Iliopoulos said in detail

About the characteristics of AEK as a club:AEK has a different mentality, it is the soul of the Greeks. AEK is a greatness, my new station, my new big vision. AEK is the team that remembers its roots, which have a very deep root.

AEK defines the strength of all Greeks in difficult times. It is the group that is connected to the soul of all of us. It is the team that some have struggled with, but managed to keep their stature and move forward. I don’t want to say many words, we will speak with actions. We have been in charge of AEK for 10 days and we will speak with actions».

On when he got the idea to enter football and on his relationship with Melissanidis:He is a dreamer who sets goals, always has thoughts in the back. I don’t hide because I generally venture in the back of my mind as a childhood dream, there was the hidden desire to be able to take the reins of the team. These are things that can happen once in your life, maybe never. With the trust of Dimitris Melissanidis as a man who succeeds, a unique opportunity came and I grabbed it».

For his vision:I’d like not to talk too much about what I’m going to do. I have learned by doing to speak. I realize that people who don’t know me have their own concerns. From the moment I have the reins, I want them to know that the people who will make the decisions will be me. Next to me I have close associates from the current administration. My vision cannot be anything other than to win titles, to be protagonists. Dimitris Melissanidis showed with his words that he will be a patron of AEK. I want to tell the world that with composure, what should be done will be done».

On what he intends to do for AEK and Erasitechniki:Greece is a country without infrastructure. It is a terrible privilege to be Greek, but bad to be born in a country without infrastructure. I talked about untapped projects and because there is no infrastructure, just like in the sport I loved, motor racing. It is a vision to showcase talent. We start with the Academies. It is not possible for 10 of the 11 players to be foreigners. Wouldn’t it be nice to have six or seven Greeks? We want to utilize talents. Let’s slowly make AEK glorious in other sports as well. Let’s appeal to something new for the world of AEK».

For what management model it intends to follow:The first thing I asked for is one-mindedness. You will oppose with arguments, not sterile ones. Your opposition must be an opposition. I will rule, but I will listen to everyone’s arguments. Those that will be typed. And rest assured that if they convince me, I will turn 180 degrees. It has been done very rarely, if necessary I will do it».

About his relationship with Matias Almeida: I have known him for several months. Let me explain to you out of respect to everyone, that he was the first person who was the first to be informed about the change in the reins of AEK. He’s our man! The one who yesterday we sat and talked for about 3 hours and who will write brilliant pages about AEK. Because I may not know, but I’m not ignorant, is it possible that I don’t realize that the first reason especially for transfers is Matias?»

For the budget and if there is an intention to increase or AEK is close to a transfer move:Is it possible to say the financial figures and the transfers we will make? I assure you since the first day I came, we are talking about transfers. From the first day. It wants strategy, evaluation. Almeida always has the last word. We have to keep a secret. Otherwise we will put a bullet in our feet».

On his impressions of these 10 days and how the team is running as a whole:The previous owner was a landlord. Tight, but people are tight because they’ve been through hard times and they’ve achieved what they’ve achieved not by throwing money around, but by making remarkable moves. Today, AEK is a well-tuned PAE. I see no surprise. Usually most PAEs are in bad debt. We did not come here to discover America, nor to wind well-tuned watches. Any executives who will be useful to me, which will certainly be enough executives, will remain in their positions so that we can set goals elsewhere. Our goals are titles, not to change everything. To make the well-tuned watch better and more meaningful. Time is the biggest enemy in our life. May this well-tuned clock remind us that time is our enemy and be used in the best way for the glorious and great AEK».

On his relationship with the world and on punishments:It’s a tough question. The measures are harsh for the sins of others and for the sins of others in other sports. We must synchronize to the new measures. To convince the State that families can come to the stadium. To bring families of opposing teams to the stadium and vice versa. These are the measures and we must proceed. Our weapons are the stadium and our people, those who love AEK».

For the links:The links asked to see me today. Obviously it wasn’t happening today. I have already given orders that we should soon call delegations of all and not some links, to see them and get to know each other. The fans and fans are the heart of the team. but the brain is us. We decide, so that this body can be a united champion».

On what he wants to do in the first 100 days and his desire to see Greek players at AEK:I said that I will not impose on Almeida which players he will select. I told you about my vision and what I want. What I dream of, because Greece has many talents and we must highlight them. As for the 100 days, have you seen any government do what they say? Isn’t it better after 100 or 150 days to do a second interview to see what happened and what didn’t happen? And then be caustic too. I came to star, I came for titles».

As for whether his own wings can protect AEK?It is wrong to involve the Government, with whether the ball hit a meter further or if the ball found the hand and it is a penalty. The government we have is respectable, stable and has won the respect of Europe. To put it bluntly, this government has not stood up for the poor and the suffering people. As long as the banks don’t squeeze in to help small and medium businesses, this country will not move forward, there will be a problem. They should help everyone and not make big deals. They want support. That is what the Government should deal with and not whether the ball hit the hand. The Two-Headed One also has its own powerful wings that some will try to beat. How many potholes and how many thorns I encountered since 1991 when the cartels were against me and today they don’t exist. They’ve gone for boobies».

What was the business background to get AEK?What business background did I have 35 years ago, zero. Now we’ve come to get a well-tuned watch. So don’t worry».

For AEK’s position regarding the candidacies of Beu and Gagatsi:I met Beo in the ruins of Thessaly. We also contributed there with boats and also as Seajets we helped with a million bottles. We are active in Volos and we helped in everything they asked of us».

For Makis Gagatsis:Mr. Gagatsis should come out publicly and say what he will do, how he will do it. We will never forget Almeida’s push and behavior on the PAOK field. Everything in its time and we will see what we will decide at the right time».

On the sale of Ponce and the possibility of the sale of Levi:I can tell you about Ponce because he’s gone. The amount is big but we sold the player after Almeida’s approval. He is a smart person who doesn’t stick around. We’ll take that money and get something else close to what I want. As for Garcia. He is a player that if we decide that this player should leave, he will leave. If we judge no it will not go away. I can’t make any promises. Right now the player is here to stay».

About Vangelis Marinakis and his family’s relationship with Olympiakos:In life when you are not honest you find them in front of you. I never want to be accused of telling lies or wild stories. Since you didn’t say that at the beginning the reality is this. He was a close friend of mine 35-40 years ago. 20 years ago my best man. In the last 18-20 years we have taken different paths. We may meet 1-2 times a year in places where ship owners gather. My brother Antonis supports Olympiakos. Twins with different views are born here. He is Olympiacos and I am AEK».

On whether he could sit at the same table with Vangelis Marinakis for the good of Greek football:It goes without saying that for the progress of Greek football we should take a step of goodwill. I don’t have bad relationships. In the context you say, I congratulated him for winning the Conference from Olympiakos, he did not congratulate me for taking the reins of AEK».

As to whether he can guarantee the safeguarding of AEK’s interests?You didn’t have the chance to meet me in 1991 when I was fighting a cartel with two small ships. We care about titles. Don’t forget that Dimitris Melissanidis called me patron. I have to make use of what he said about me and show him in practice that yes AEK has been in trouble but if someone opens the pit then he can fall in himself».

On whether he will support Achillea Beo with his candidacy or not:He told you when I met him and I told you, each thing in its time. I spoke directly to you and did not hide anything».

For the matter that exists in the OPAP Arena and those sitting in the first 2:It has come to my attention and we will do the right thing and the right perception says».

About the plans to make a canal his own and what will he do with the area of ​​Britannia he has bought?My dream is to be able to offer something of substance to this country. I can’t say that a channel is my goal. I can’t say no. Britannia has indeed been acquired. We have given it to a serious team and it will be put to the best use».

About what AEK likes to watch:To see an AEK that we will be proud of and that the Europeans will envy us for how we went so far. An AEK that they talk about, rub their eyes».

If AEK is close to a transfer:Your cheese barba that also says a proverb. I said since the first day I came I have been dealing with transfers. It is a given that they will be made, I cannot tell you how many, data will not be one. But many. Fasten your seat belt and let’s go».

Source: Sport Fm

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