New transfer “bomb” from Alimos with the acquisition of the Italian Marletta!

New transfer “bomb” from Alimos with the acquisition of the Italian Marletta!

In yet another transfer “bomb” in view of the new season, O Salty!

The Southern suburbs team announced on Friday afternoon the start of its collaboration with Claudia Marlettathus completing this year’s fifth transfer move!

The 28-year-old Italian regional has been a top-shelf athlete for years, having many performances from international collective events, but also an active presence with the national team of Italy.

The announcement in detail:

“ALIMOS NAS Betsson and the Management of the Club are very pleased to announce yet another important transfer move, as Claudia Marletta is now a member of the “family” that is growing stronger.

Claudia, born on November 23, 1995, leads the regional line of “Seterosa” in recent years and has been a key cog in the marches and medals of the neighboring representative group.

On a collective level, this world-renowned athlete was a trademark of Team Horizonte, whose cap she wore and honored for an entire decade. Recommendations for this player are plentiful. The alter ego of Roberta Bianconi in the Italian National Team, at her best age (28), with experience from the highest level but also motivation for new adventures and horizons that are opened through ALIMOS NAS Betsson and Greek water polo.

Undoubtedly a top-shelf athlete who has learned to storm the opposition nets in major events. Claudia Marletta is a swimming athlete, who always has her mind on the counter and the goal, has that attacking gift, the “killer” instinct and plays on the left side. A transfer move that, in combination with the other additions, changes the level of our team.

Marletta is of course preparing for the big date in Paris where many athletes of ALIMOS NAS Betsson will be present, which makes the club especially happy.

With the significant contribution of Claudia Marletta, the Italian National Team climbed to the third step of the podium in 2022 at the European and World Championships. Another international athlete, of known value in the “family” of ALIMOS NAS Betsson in the new season in a coordinated effort. Expectations are high, as is the eagerness of the new transfer acquisition as he told “I am very excited to play in this team. I wanted to go on a new adventure and ALIMOS NAS made everything happen. There is a lot great desire to do well and win Let’s go ALIMAR”!

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